Jennifer Bowe Death, Raleigh County W.VA Woman Dead, Man Charged In Raleigh County Crash

Jennifer Bowe Death – Tragedy struck on Thursday night in Raleigh County, resulting in the loss of a woman’s life and the arrest of a man following a fatal crash. The incident unfolded on Coal River Road, and the Raleigh County Sheriff’s Office has been diligently investigating the circumstances.

The driver, identified as Timothy Underwood Sr., aged 50, now faces serious charges in connection to the crash. Underwood has been charged with driving while impaired causing death and driving on a revoked license due to DUI. These charges reflect the severity of the situation and the potential consequences of his actions.

The passenger in the vehicle, Jennifer J. Bowe, tragically lost her life in the crash. The devastating incident occurred around 10:36 p.m. when the 1997 Dodge Ram, driven by Underwood, veered off Coal River Road. The truck struck a rock wall and two trees before reentering the roadway and ultimately coming to rest in the middle of Coal River Road. Unfortunately, Jennifer Bowe was pronounced dead at the scene.

Despite the severity of the crash, Underwood sustained only minor injuries. After receiving medical clearance, he was taken into custody and is currently awaiting arraignment at Southern Regional Jail.

The investigation into the incident is being led by Lt. J.L. Redden, with the assistance of Sergeant G.D. Epling and Deputy M.S. Dunlap. Emergency response teams, including Coal River VFD, Whitesville VFD, Jan-Care Ambulance, and Whitesville EMS, swiftly responded to the scene to provide assistance.

As the investigation unfolds, law enforcement officials are working diligently to piece together the events leading up to the crash. At this time, the Sheriff’s Office has not released further information, indicating that the investigation is ongoing.

This tragic incident serves as a stark reminder of the potential consequences of impaired driving and the devastating impact it can have on individuals and families. The loss of Jennifer Bowe is deeply felt by the community, and her memory will undoubtedly be cherished by those who knew and loved her. The legal process will now unfold as Timothy Underwood Sr. faces the charges related to this heartbreaking incident.

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