Jenny 69 claims she was ‘jumped’ by Miss Lady Pinks on Kilo’s music video set

HITC and GRV Media have reached out to Miss Lady Pinks and Down AKA Kilo for comment.

Jenny 69 on Instagram Live
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“The rumors are true, I was jumped a few days ago,” Jenny Ruiz said on Instagram Live. The altercation allegedly happened while she was on set for a music video with rapper Down AKA Kilo.

She claimed that it all started when she was getting dressed and heard someone say “Pinks is here”. The pair have supposedly had beef as Pinks was allegedly “talking sh*t” about her online.

“Pinks pulls up and I honestly thought that we were just gonna talk it out like adults,” Jenny 69 said. “She walks by and she’s looking at me weird.”

Someone allegedly swung at her from the side and she thought she was only getting jumped by Pinks, but claimed she felt multiple people on top of her “bombing on me”.

“I was blocking all the hits. They were hitting me on the top of my head,” Jenny said. “I was on the floor curled up in a ball.”

The 29-year-old said that Flyboy got on top and took all the hits for her, adding that she would have ended up in the hospital if he hadn’t.

Jenny 69 claimed she was waiting to do her next scene for ages when rapper Kilo called her to the back of the building.

Nobody else was there and he allegedly explained that the reason she got jumped is because she listened to musician SPM.

She then alleged that he told her not to call the cops as it would “make her look bad” and said there would be “consequences” if she did.

Jenny claimed his “whole demeanour changed” and he then allegedly started verbally attacking her and telling her to leave his set.

“I was set up,” she said, claiming the rapper had something to do with her being jumped and was “nonchalant” about the whole thing.

Jenny was on the set because she collaborated on the record with Kilo. However, they allegedly had lots of disagreements and never got along.

It is claimed he wanted her to do the song for free so they stopped talking and he was going to do the music video without her.

However, she explained that she called him the day before the shoot and he invited her to come along despite their falling out.

He kept “pressing” her to go so she agreed, but always had doubts and felt that perhaps she shouldn’t go.

Jenny decided to “put everything aside and be professional” and said: “Sometimes in this business you do have to bite your tongue.”

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