Jeremy Fowler Death: The Heart of Heritage Harbor Marina

In a time of great sadness, we share news of the sudden passing of Jeremy Fowler, beloved Port Manager of Heritage Harbor Marina. Known as a symbol of warmth and hospitality, Jeremy’s sudden death from an apparent heart attack left the marina community and his family in a state of shock and grief.

Jeremy Fowler is more than just a Harbormaster; He was a friend, a mentor and a guiding spirit to all who had the pleasure of meeting him at Heritage Harbor. His welcoming style and infectious enthusiasm have made him a beloved figure in the marina community. He touched countless lives, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of everyone who crossed his path.

News of Jeremy’s sudden passing sent ripples of grief through Heritage Harbor’s tight-knit community. Flags at the marina now fly at half-mast, a poignant symbol of a community in mourning. As we grapple with this devastating loss, our thoughts and prayers are with his family – partner Kristi, children Alex and Jake, and all their loved ones.

Jeremy’s death was attributed to a sudden heart attack. A tragedy struck without warning, it left a void that was deeply felt by all who knew and loved him. As we wait for more details, it’s clear that his absence will be keenly felt in the days, weeks and years to come.

As we mourn Jeremy’s sudden passing, we also celebrate his life and the joy he brought to everyone around him. His obituary reflects a life filled with passion, dedication and love for his work and the people in his life. His legacy will live on forever at Heritage Harbor and in the hearts of those who knew him.

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For those who may not know—it is with a heavy heart that we inform you that Harbormaster Jeremy Fowler passed away last night from an apparent heart attack. Details about the ceremonies are still pending but there will most likely be a ceremony in his hometown on the 30th and then we will have a ceremony in Ottawa at a later date . If you have been a part of Heritage Harbor or have just passed through our Marina, you know what a great guy Jeremy is to all of us. We will update you with details as we have them. For now, please pray for Kristi, Alex, Jake and their entire family. Flags will be lowered to half-staff as we honor a man so near and dear to us all. He is ‘OUR’ Harbormaster, and no words can express how heartbroken we are at this time. There is also a Go Fund Me page set up for Jeremy’s family

A Trang GoFundMe has been set up to support Jeremy’s family during this difficult time. Your contributions will serve as a testament to the impact Jeremy had on all of us and a way to honor his memory.

Jeremy Fowler’s passing is a stark reminder of how precious life is. As we mourn his passing, we also honor his life and the countless ways he touched our lives. His spirit will continue to guide us and his memory will forever be a part of Heritage Harbor Marina.

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