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Jilly Holzer Obituary, Death – Tragically, Jilly Holzer, a cherished member of the Hurstbridge Football Netball Club (HFNC), has passed away after a courageous 15-year fight. The loss of Jilly is felt deeply by all who knew her, but her legacy will live on as a symbol of strength and determination in the Hurstbridge Sporting Club area. A real warrior at heart, Jilly met each obstacle she faced with the kind of determination that lifted everyone around her during her long fight.

She inspired the entire community with her unfaltering resolve and strength. In addition to being a pillar of the thriving Hurstbridge Sporting Club community, the Holzer family has long been an essential component of the club’s fabric, personifying its principles. The tenacity and determination shown by Jilly resonated deeply with the club’s principles and will be remembered by all members for all time.

The HFNC offers its hardest condolences to the Holzer family at this most tragic time, hoping that they find comfort and strength in our shared grief. All members of the club are joining together in grief at the loss of a beloved member, Jilly. Our thoughts and prayers are with those who have been deeply touched by her departure.

Among the people of Hurstbridge, Jilly Holzer will be remembered for all time as an inspiration of unfaltering strength and determination. We pray that her soul rests in paradise and that her legacy shines on through the lives of those who were moved by her incredible courage and faith. Jilly Holzer, you have entered paradise; rest now.

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