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Juliet Samuel is a famous British journalist, she has worked for many prestigious newspapers such as The Times, The Telegraph, The Wall Street Journal and City AM. She was born in 1981 in London and studied at Oxford University, graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics.

Juliet Samuel started her journalism career in 2010 at Guido Fawkes. Initially, she worked as a blogger and produced videos for this site. This is an important stepping stone to help Juliet Samuel gain experience in journalism. After that, she officially entered the field of print journalism and became a professional reporter.

With more than 10 years working in the field of journalism, Juliet Samuel is considered one of the smart and talented journalists in the British journalism industry. She made her mark with profound articles and sophisticated analyzes on many fields such as politics, economics, and society.

Juliet Samuel’s Career

Commencing at The Times

In August 2014, Juliet Samuel began her career at The Times of London. Initially, she spearheaded the mining and finance sector. During her tenure, Juliet Samuel showcased exceptional talent through profound articles and meticulous analyses in the financial and banking domains.

She also sounded alarms about the latent risks in the stock market, offering insightful perspectives on pertinent financial issues. Juliet Samuel’s articles captivated a wide audience, solidifying her position within the realm of British financial journalism.

Transition to The Wall Street Journal

After her stint at The Times, in July 2016, Juliet Samuel moved to The Wall Street Journal in London, overseeing asset management. Here, she continued to affirm her capabilities through in-depth analyses of financial markets and securities.

Consistently, she provided counsel to investors, aiding them in avoiding unwarranted risks. With her extensive experience in the financial sector, Juliet Samuel swiftly established herself at The Wall Street Journal.

Contributing Columns for The Telegraph

Alongside her roles at The Times and The Wall Street Journal, Juliet Samuel frequently contributed columns to The Telegraph. These are reputable newspapers with substantial circulation in the UK.

At The Telegraph, Juliet Samuel primarily delved into topics of economics, politics, and society. She regularly conducted interviews with economists, politicians, and intellectuals to gather analytical viewpoints on various issues such as state intervention in the economy, free trade, and the risks of capitalism.

Juliet Samuel’s articles attracted considerable attention due to their astute analysis and unique perspectives seldom found among other journalists. She is acclaimed as one of the leading political, social, and economic journalists in the British media landscape.

Participation in Conferences and Specialized Forums

In addition to her journalistic endeavors, Juliet Samuel is frequently invited to participate in conferences and forums organized by reputable research institutions. These gatherings predominantly focus on geopolitical, economic, and financial matters.

At these specialized conferences and forums, Juliet Samuel consistently presents sharp viewpoints and provides nuanced analyses on crucial issues. Her discussions often revolve around hot topics such as the US-China trade war, Brexit, and the global economic crisis.

Juliet Samuel’s unique analytical abilities have made her a favored speaker at these events. She is regarded as one of the most intelligent and persuasive political, social, and economic analysts in the United Kingdom today.

Active Engagement on Social Media Platforms

Apart from her substantial commitments in print journalism, Juliet Samuel actively leverages social media platforms to enhance her public image and share her viewpoints.

She maintains a personal Twitter account with over 13.8k followers. This platform serves as a channel for Juliet Samuel to swiftly share opinions and commentary on current events. Her tweets garner thousands of interactions and spread widely across social media.

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Additionally, Juliet Samuel upholds a professional profile on LinkedIn with hundreds of followers. This platform serves as a repository of information about her work history and career. Juliet Samuel’s LinkedIn profile is a vital source of information, providing her admirers with a comprehensive understanding of her professional journey.

Personal Information about Juliet Samuel


According to various sources, Juliet Samuel was born in 1981 in London, England. This year, she turned 41.

At under 40, Juliet Samuel has established a remarkably successful journalism career. She is considered one of the most experienced and reputable journalists in England. Her age has not hindered her passion for journalism. On the contrary, her extensive experience has provided her with profound insights to craft valuable articles.


Information from media sources indicates that Juliet Samuel attended the prestigious University of Oxford. She graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics.

Receiving structured education and a degree from the esteemed Oxford University laid a solid foundation of knowledge for Juliet Samuel’s journalism career. Her understanding extends beyond politics and economics, as her studies in philosophy equipped her with a broad understanding of humanities. This perspective aids her in approaching issues with a humane and objective viewpoint.


Juliet Samuel maintains a relatively private personal life. She seldom shares details about her family or private life in the media.

According to some sources, Juliet Samuel is married and has two children. However, the identity of her spouse and her children remains undisclosed.

Despite her hugely successful career, Juliet Samuel keeps her personal life discreet. She clearly delineates between her professional and personal life, which likely allows her to focus more on her work and achieve the success she enjoys today.

Net Worth

With over a decade of experience working for prominent newspapers in the UK such as The Times, The Telegraph, and The Wall Street Journal, Juliet Samuel has amassed a considerable income. It’s estimated that her net worth is around $1 million USD.

This figure somewhat validates Juliet Samuel’s success and credibility in the British journalism sphere. She stands among the few journalists with substantial earnings owing to the quality and value of her articles. Nevertheless, Juliet Samuel maintains a low-key lifestyle, rarely flaunting her wealth or luxurious living publicly.

Her modesty in not flaunting her wealth or luxurious lifestyle is admirable and contributes to her image as a dignified and respected female figure in the British journalism scene.

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