kylie dorsman accident VA and kylie dorsman chesapeake hickory hs

Sadly, there are no details about an accident involving Kylie Dorsman in Virginia Beach, VA or Chesapeake, including Hickory High School. To stay informed on this matter, please refer to reliable local news sources or official announcements for the latest and most accurate information.

The Virginia Beach area is mourning the loss of a former Hickory High School studentKylie Dorsman, who passed away on Tuesday, December 19 from injuries sustained in a brutal car accident. Dorsman is only 22 years old.

A statement shared on social media by grieving community members said: “My heart breaks today for Kylie Dorsman and her family. She was a hardworking and dedicated young lady, loved and cherished by everyone.”

After graduating from Chesapeake’s Hickory High, Dorsman attended Radford University. She is admired by her colleagues for her drive and collaborative spirit, approaching every endeavor with infectious positivity.

Dorsman gained valuable professional experience working locally at eateries like ShoreBreak Pizza and Texas Roadhouse. Most recently, she worked as a server at Surf Rider Grill restaurant in Virginia Beach.

Her warm presence and work ethic have endeared Dorsman to customers and colleagues alike. She motivated everyone around her, setting an example to foster a culture of teamwork. Her potential shines brightly on all who know her.

Kylie is the most amazing person you will ever meet in your life. She is an absolutely incredible, uplifting and respectful person. Whenever you need a great day, she is always there for you.

I met Kylie when I was in high school. We really didn’t get along very well during my sophomore year, but by my senior year, she understood me and had the utmost respect and care for me. I can still remember the day she sat right in front of me in English class and asked me how I was doing or how my day went. And I even remember her working at Cracker Barrel and that night she took time out of her day to come say hello to my family. That’s completely respectful of her character.

Finally, I knew Kylie from my bus in high school. Bus#99.She is definitely the one who delivers the best and funniest jokes ever, along with her laughter too! And honestly, Kylie is someone who will try her best to bring joy to anyone. Whether it’s laughter or a smile, she will do anything to lift someone up! And that definitely makes her the best character ever! I am truly lucky and honored to have had the opportunity to meet someone as wonderful as her.

My prayers, condolences and thoughts go out to the entire Dorsman family. Kylie, I know you’re in a better place now and look down on all of us. We will miss you and please do everything to look out for us and keep us safe! We love you so much!

As news of the heartbreaking loss spread, friends like Jennifer Benincasa organized a GoFundMe to assist Dorsman’s grieving family with funeral and other expenses. The initial donation quickly surpassed $3,400 of the $10,000 goal.

Benincasa shared: “Kylie was a beautiful, loving and bubbly young woman who was loved by so many. Her smile was sure to light up the room and she gave amazing hugs best”.

The widespread support from her graduating class, the Radford network, many restaurant families and the broader community attests to the incredible impact Dorman has made in just 22 short years of her life. Her loving spirit has touched countless people who are now devastated by this tragedy.

As we reflect on Kylie Dorsman’s legacy, may the memories of her radiant smile, caring nature, and genuine promise inspire us all to live life to the fullest. more, more purposeful – appreciating the special people and moments that surround us every day. Our world desperately needs more souls like Kylie Dorsemans.

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