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Explore the legacy of Torben Ulrich, Lars Ulrich’s father. Delve into the life of Torben Ulrich, Lars Ulrich’s father, and find accurate information about his current condition. Stay connected for updates on Torben Ulrich’s story, including all the news about his life and contributions to the world.

Torben Ulrich, the Danish father of Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich, died Wednesday at the age of 95. The elder Ulrich lived an incredibly varied life as a professional tennis player, musician, poet, painter, filmmaker and journalist and radio personality before settling down. San Francisco Bay Area decades ago. His death was announced by Lars on social media as the metal community mourned the passing of the Ulrich family patriarch.

Torben Ulrich was born in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1928 to top tennis star Einer Ulrich Nielsen and famous painter Ulla Meyer. After enjoying his remarkable professional tennis career, Torben married Lars’ mother Lone and started a family while regularly traveling the world for both tennis and journalism. The family moved to California when Lars was still a teenager, where Torben continued to pursue his passion for art into the 90s.

In fact, just last year at age 92, the late Renaissance man collaborated with cellist and composer Lori Goldston on an experimental album titled “Oakland Moments: Cello, Voice, Reuniting (Rejoicing)”. Patriarch Ulrich remained vibrantly creative in the mediums of visual arts, music, poetry and more throughout his remarkably long life. Of course, Torben is extremely proud to have watched Lars and Metallica develop into heavy metal superstars over the past four decades.

As Lars Ulrich mourns the loss of his father and close creative confidant, he can find solace in the immense artistic legacy that Torben Ulrich left behind across continents. The elder Ulrich has nurtured rich cultural communities in Denmark, the United States and beyond while continually pushing boundaries through both collaboration and deeply personal vision.

Just weeks before his death, Torben’s abstract paintings and prints were exhibited at the SF Camerawork gallery in San Francisco. It’s merely a snapshot of decades of dynamic, evolving artistry that undoubtedly inspired son Lars’s own groundbreaking musical innovation. From newsrooms, galleries and tennis courts to poetry readings, recording studios and more, Torben Ulrich spent nearly a century immersed in creative passion projects until the very end.

Ulrich’s family requests privacy as they grieve the profound loss of their beloved patriarch, mentor and friend. But artists everywhere can celebrate Torben’s long, vibrant life as a shining reminder to constantly explore new creative frontiers, no matter one’s age or background. Friend. Ulrich’s inspirational legacy lives on through both his game-changing son Lars and the countless others he touched through his art over an incredible nine decades on this earth.

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