Latest Entry In ‘Just Like a Wow’ Meme Trend Is By a Politician

Latest Entry In ‘Just Like a Wow’ Meme Trend Is By a Politician. Get ready to join the latest meme trend that’s taking over social media in India! See on

If you haven’t seen the ‘just like a wow’ memes flooding your Instagram feed, then you’re missing out on the latest craze. From celebrities like Deepika Padukone to popular personalities like singer Yashraj Mukhate, everyone is jumping on this hilarious trend. And now, even Trinamool Congress (TMC) MP Nussrat Jahan has joined the bandwagon.

The ‘just like a wow’ meme originated from a viral video of a saleswoman trying to sell Indian ethnic attire. Her unique pitch, along with peculiar terminologies like ‘laddu colour’ and ‘mouse colour,’ became popular. Nussrat Jahan shared a video of herself lip-syncing to the famous ‘wow’ lines, and it quickly garnered mixed reactions from viewers.

While some found it hilarious and enjoyed Jahan’s video, others accused her of copying Deepika Padukone. Regardless, the post has gone viral, amassing 64K views in just two days. So, if you want to stay in the loop and have a good laugh, don’t miss out on this meme sensation!

TMC MP Nussrat Jahan Joins ‘Just Like a Wow’ Trend

Embracing the latest viral trend on social media, Trinamool Congress (TMC) MP Nussrat Jahan has joined the ‘just like a wow’ meme craze. This trend has taken the Indian meme community by storm, captivating the attention of not only actors like Deepika Padukone and Hena Khan but also renowned personalities like singer Yashraj Mukhate. Nussrat Jahan recently shared a video on her social media handle, where she humorously lip-synced to the famous ‘wow’ lines.

Introduction to the Trend

The ‘just like a wow’ meme gained popularity after a video of a saleswoman attempting to sell Indian ethnic attire went viral. Along with her enthusiastic sales pitch, she introduced unique terminologies like ‘laddu color’ and ‘mouse color,’ which quickly became a sensation. This video, originally shared on the politician’s official Instagram handle ‘nusratchirps,’ inspired countless individuals to create their own hilarious versions of the meme.

Nussrat Jahan’s Participation

Upon sharing her rendition of the ‘just like a wow’ meme, Nussrat Jahan received a mixed response from the public, causing her video to go viral. While some found it amusing and appreciated her sense of humor, others accused her of copying Deepika Padukone. The post, which garnered 64K views within two days, sparked a lively discussion in the comment section. People expressed their opinions, ranging from playful compliments to playful jabs, showcasing the diverse reactions to this trending meme.

Reactions to Nussrat Jahan’s Video

Nussrat Jahan’s participation in the ‘just like a wow’ meme trend has sparked a range of reactions from the public. While some have embraced her video and found it entertaining, others have expressed mixed opinions about her involvement. Let’s take a closer look at the diverse reactions to Nussrat Jahan’s humorous rendition.

Mixed Reactions

Upon sharing her video, Nussrat Jahan received both positive and negative feedback from viewers. Some individuals found her participation in the meme trend refreshing and enjoyed her lighthearted approach. They appreciated her willingness to engage with popular internet culture and saw it as a way to connect with a wider audience. On the other hand, there were those who criticized her for allegedly copying Deepika Padukone, raising questions about originality and creativity. These mixed reactions highlight the subjective nature of humor and the varying perspectives within the online community.

Comments from Social Media Users

The comment section of Nussrat Jahan’s video became a platform for people to express their thoughts and opinions. Some users playfully praised her, using witty remarks to convey their amusement. Others took a more critical stance, questioning her motives and even suggesting that she should focus on her political responsibilities instead. These comments showcase the diverse range of opinions that can arise from a viral video, highlighting the power of social media as a space for public discourse.

The ‘just like a wow’ meme has taken the Indian social media scene by storm, with celebrities and public figures joining in on the trend. Recently, Trinamool Congress MP Nussrat Jahan also shared a video of herself lip-syncing to the famous lines. While some found it hilarious, others accused her of copying Deepika Padukone. The post garnered mixed reactions and quickly went viral. Join the fun and check out the meme that has everyone talking!

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