Man raped by social media friend’s husband in Nankana

GUJRANWALA – A man has been raped by the husband of his social media friend after he reached her house to meet her in limits of Saddar Nankana police station.

The victim, named Haroon, has filed a complaint against the suspects in Nankana police station under Sections 376 and 292-C.

Haroon, who hails from Gujranwala, revealed that he befriended a woman named Fauzia Sabir through social media a few months back. “I had been talking to her on the phone during this period and one day we decided to meet”.

The complainant said he went to her house to meet her on November 7, 2023. “We were having chit chat in a room when there was knock at the door. When Fauzia opened the door, it was her husband at the door,” he said.

Her husband, named Javed Iqbal, caught Haroon and threatened to kill him by wielding a knife and giving divorce to his wife.

Haroon said that Javed forced upon him with oral and anal penetration, adding that the suspect, his wife and another unknown person also filmed the incident. They also threatened the man with his life in case of revealing it to police, Haroon added in his complaint.

The man has asked the police to take action against the suspects.

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