Man Wins Internet After Attacking Armed Robbers During Daylight Robbery Attempt | Viral Video

  • By Poorva Karki
  • Published: Fri, 17 Nov 2023 02:51 PM (IST)
  • Source:JND

Viral Video: Becoming the prime example of the phrase ‘not all heroes wear a cape’, a man stopped a deadly robbery attempt by attacking two armed thieves from robbing a man. The incident took place during broad daylight when the bike-ridden accused tried to rob a pedestrian. However, their plans went down the drain when a passerby attacked the thieves and ended up shooing them away. A video of the same was shared on social media, which instantly went viral and garnered all kinds of praise for the ‘saviour’. The date and location were not confirmed, but according to the viral clip, the incident unfolded in New York. 

The video was shared on the social media site X (formerly Twitter) by the handle ‘CCTV IDIOT’. The post was captioned, “Bystander stops attempted robbery and disarms robber in NYC.”

Watch the viral video:

The video went viral and triggered many netizens on social media. Some lauded the man for helping the one getting robbed, while others pointed out the gravity of the situation as the deadly robbery was taking place during the day. Many also took a sign of relief for the man’s well-being, and some expressed their disappointment over the robbers getting away. The video was shared yesterday and received 223K views from people. 

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Taking to the comment section, people shared their take. “Heroes don’t always wear a cape,” added a user. “Why does everyone say bystander and not just person? Mad world,” added a second netizen. “Wow, this is humanity. Help others when you can!” joined a third user. “Just another day in New York,” said a fourth user. “Wow this really happened in broad daylight?!! Btw, he is really a brave man. We need more people like him in the world so there might be less bad guys trying to do things like this,” said a fifth user. 

“Nicely done by the bystander to prevent the robbery,” commented a sixth netizen. “We help each other that’s fantastic,” lauded a seventh person. “Oh, they ran away! I needed them to be caught,” pointed out another. 

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