Meet Louis Farrakhan Wife Khadijah Farrakhan: Children

Louis Farrakhan wife, Khadijah Farrakhan, is well-known as the first lady of the Nation of Islam.

Louis Farrakhan is an American cleric, black supremacist, and the leader of the Nation of Islam (NOI).

Born in May 1933 in New York City, Farrakhan is a former Calypso music singer known by the stage name Calypso Gene.

Farrakhan was minister of mosques in Boston and Harlem. When Elijan Muhammed was the leader of NOI, he appointed Farrakhan as the National Representative of the Nation of Islam.

Furthermore, Farrakhan has faced many criticisms and controversies in his life. His political reviews, comments and remarks have been claimed as homophobic and racist.

Besides his work, let’s talk about his personal life, family, Louis Farrakhan wife and children below.

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Meet Louis Farrakhan Wife, Khadijah Farrakhan

Louis Farrakhan wife, Khadijah Farrakhan, is known as the first lady of the Nation of Islam.

Khadijah is a political activist and is also known as Mother Khadijah. She was born in Betsy Ross, United States.

Furthermore, Khadijah married Louis Farrakhan in 1953. Later, she converted to Islam with her husband in 1955.

Khadijah Farrakhan attended the Muslim Girls training (MGT) and General Civilization Class (GCC). She is a devoted muslim and supporter of the Nation of Islam.

Louis Farrakhan wife
Louis Farrakhan wife, his wife, Khadijah Farrakhan. (Source: Pinterest)

As Louis Farrakhan’s popularity rose, Khadijah was appointed the “new” Nation’s first treasurer and secretary of NOI.

She was responsible for fundraising, converting new members, and supporting NOI in opening mosques, schools, and foreign policy in Africa.

Furthermore, Khadijah helped many people in the south, providing humanitarian aid to the flood victims. She also visited and met with first ladies of different African Countries.

Khadijah has been supporting and promoting the importance of women and religious faiths in our lives. 

Moreover, Khadijah has been the nig source of love and support. And it is also a reason behind Louis Farrakhan’s progress and success in his work. The pair are blessed parents of their nine kids.

Mother Khadijah and Louis Farrakhan have been together for many decades and are very supportive of each other.

Louis Farrakhan Children

Louis Farrakhan and Khadijah are blessed with nine children. According to, their children are Mustafa, Joshua Nasir, Abnar, Louis Junior, Donna, Hanan, Maria, Fatiman and Khallada

As per The Philadelphia Tribune, the eldest son of Louis Farrakhan, Louis Farrakhan Jr, passed away in 2018 in his sleep at his home in Phoenix, Arizona.

Louis Farrakhan wife
Louis Farrakhan’s children. (Source: Pinterest)

Louis Jr. was sixty years old at the time of his demise. He had a heart-related problem but passed away in 2018. 

As per the source, Louis Jr. once faced charges for causing domestic violence in the home with his wife in 2001. 

Louise Jr. was also a promoter of the Nation of Islam and used to work by the side of his father and mother. He has also worked in several foreign policies held by the Nation of Islam.

On the other side, one of Louis Farrakhan’s daughters, Donna Farrakhan-Muhammad, is a minister for the Nation of Islam.

Many children have decided to follow in their parent’s footsteps and work in the Nation of Islam.

Overall, Loui Farrakhan has contributed by providing humanitarian aid for many people in the south. he has been contributing much, promoting religious belief and faith in people.

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