Megan Brown, A Teacher at Terrebonne Parish School Board has died

The Houma, Louisiana community and the Terrebonne Parish School Board mourn the unexpected passing of one of their beloved teachers, Megan Brown. Known for her beautiful soul and the joy she brought to everyone she met, her death left a void in the hearts of many.

Born in Houma, Louisiana and formerly residing in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Megan Brown is the loving daughter of Daryl Brown and Debra Johnson and the caring sister of Wenesha Tippen. She graduated from Terrebonne High School (class of 2007) and pursued a degree in Social Work at Southeastern Louisiana University. Megan is known for her kind heart, dedication to her work, and ability to bring joy to those around her.

Megan’s career has been diverse and fulfilling. She previously worked as a Sales Associate and Cashier at Footaction USA and as a Family Teacher at Tennessee Family Solutions. However, it was her role as Holistic Coordinator at Holistic Services of South Central Louisiana in Houma, Louisiana that truly demonstrated her passion for helping others.

Megan then found her true calling as a teacher at the Terrebonne Parish School Board. She not only teaches in the conventional sense but also tutors children in all grades. Despite her ambitions, Megan’s connection to Houma remains uninterrupted. She is an active member of her community and is constantly looking for ways to give back.

Megan Brown’s death was announced through a social media post expressing the community’s sadness at the loss of such a vibrant and thoughtful individual. The post read: “This young girl Megan Brown has a beautiful soul. From the inside out. Just rest and everything will be fine. We love you. You have brought joy to every heart you have ever met.”

Wendy Harris

Tonight we lost a very special person. Ms. Megan Brown, she is my cousin and Cameron’s Tutor for the afternoon. She is very good at her work so the children love her very much. Megan is very special, she has touched so many loving hearts. Megan has a baby boy, whom she loves more than life. She will be missed. .Rest in peace, beautiful Megan S. Brown🥲😘❤️🙏🏽

The cause of Megan’s premature death has not yet been made public by her family. The sudden loss left her family, friends, students and the entire community shocked and deeply saddened.

Megan Brown leaves behind a legacy of love, learning and community service. As a teacher, she touched the lives of countless students, guiding them toward a brighter future. As a community member, she embodies kindness and generosity. Although her physical presence will be missed, Megan’s spirit will continue to inspire those who knew her.

Sheree Shands jpg to webp converted 36

I don’t know what to say either. You really disappointed me with this. I know you all know how much she loved that baby, she prayed for that baby and she was so excited to be his mother. Before she had her own mine, she loved mines like hers. I don’t care how much time passes or who comes and goes, you’ve always been my sister and have never seen me as anything different. Your love is true and it is real and I will miss you. Like I’m so mad at you right now. 💔💔💔 Megan S. Brown

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