Men trick women into accepting less effort in ‘sick’ new dating method

A new dating tactic that men are using to trick women into accepting less is making people feel ‘sick’.

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The Penny Method of dating involves giving a woman maximum effort at the start of the relationship and slowly decreasing it as time goes on.

However, you do it in a way that she won’t notice until eventually, she’s happy to receive the bare minimum.

After putting in a little less, you give a little more to fool the woman into thinking she’s being treated better.

For example, you start by putting in 100% before decreasing to 90%. Then, you put this up to 95% so she feels better again.

You drop this down to 85% next and back up to 90% so she feels like she’s gained, but in reality, she’s getting less effort.

The crazy method was shared by a TikTok user called Erika Tham who detailed a recent interaction with one of her guy friends.

He told her to imagine a girl is a piggy bank, and she explained: “In order to get her interested obviously at first you have to be feeding her hundred dollar bills.”

“But putting in hundred dollar bills is a lot of work and you don’t always want to be doing that, so eventually you reduce it to 90.”

The woman will feel the decrease in effort, but it’s only 10% so she won’t bring it up to him as she’ll seem “crazy”.

“Now here’s where it gets sick,” she continued. “The next thing you do is bring it back up to 95. Instead of feeling like they’ve lost 5, suddenly she feels like she’s gained 5.”

However, the man is still putting in 5% less effort, she added before saying the whole idea makes her “so afraid”.

“Basically you just keep repeating this cycle and weaning her off your effort until you get to the point where you’re giving her pennies and suddenly, she’s excited to receive a nickel.”

The video has had almost seven million views and left women fearing for their dating lives.

One person wrote: “This makes me sick.”

“My jaw dropped,” said another.

A third person added: “That’s just evil.”

“Help us god,” someone else commented.

Another added: “That’s scary.”

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