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Comedian Mike Epps has had a tumultuous dating history, including a messy divorce and allegations of infidelity. After his divorce from Mechelle McCain, Epps married Kyra Robinson. However, Mechelle claims that Epps began his relationship with Kyra while still married to her. Despite the controversy, Epps and Kyra’s relationship has thrived, and they have even collaborated on a professional project together. Find out more about Epps’ complicated past and Mechelle’s claims.

Mike Epps’ Relationship History

Mike Epps has had a colorful dating history, with notable relationships and events that have shaped his personal life. From his marriage to Mechelle McCain to his current relationship with Kyra Robinson, let’s take a closer look at his romantic journey.

Marriage to Mechelle McCain

Prior to his current marriage, Mike Epps was married to Mechelle McCain for 12 years. The couple shared two children and had their fair share of ups and downs. However, their relationship ultimately came to an end, and they finalized their divorce in 2017.

Divorce Settlement and Support Payments

Following their divorce, Mike Epps was ordered to pay a significant amount in spousal support and child support. According to reports, he had to pay $25,000 a month to Mechelle for spousal support, in addition to $15,000 a month for child support. This financial arrangement undoubtedly had an impact on Mike’s life and career.

Relationship with Kyra Robinson

Two years after his divorce from Mechelle, Mike Epps found love again and tied the knot with Kyra Robinson. Their relationship has flourished, and they have welcomed two children together. Mike has expressed his preference for being married and having a stable home life, which he finds fulfilling and comforting.

Claims of Infidelity by Mechelle

Mechelle McCain, Mike’s ex-wife, has made allegations of infidelity during their marriage. In a podcast appearance, she claimed that Mike was still involved with her while starting a relationship with Kyra. These claims have added a layer of complexity to their past and have sparked public interest in their personal lives.

Flirting Incident on Twitter

In 2015, Mike Epps faced controversy after engaging in a flirtatious conversation with a woman on Twitter. Screenshots of the conversation were captured by the media, causing a stir in the public eye. This incident shed light on Mike’s interactions with others and raised questions about his fidelity.

Children from Previous Relationships

Before his marriage to Mechelle, Mike Epps became a father to two children, Bria Epps and Makayla Epps. While not much is known about their mother, these children are an important part of Mike’s life and contribute to his journey as a parent.

Mike and Kyra’s Relationship

Mike Epps and Kyra Robinson have built a strong and enduring relationship that encompasses both personal and professional aspects. Let’s delve into the details of their marriage, family life, and their successful partnership in the entertainment industry.

Marriage and Family

After finding love again, Mike Epps and Kyra Robinson decided to take their relationship to the next level and exchanged vows. Their marriage has been a source of joy and stability for both of them. Together, they have welcomed two beautiful children, Indiana Rose Epps and their son. The couple’s commitment to each other and their growing family is evident in their shared journey of love and parenthood.

Professional Partnership

In addition to their personal connection, Mike and Kyra have also joined forces professionally. They have collaborated on the HGTV show “Buying Back the Block,” which premiered in 2023. The show follows the couple as they renovate properties on the street where Mike grew up in Indianapolis. Their partnership extends beyond the screen, as they work together to build their first house from the ground up. This joint venture showcases their shared passion for real estate and their ability to work harmoniously as a team.

In conclusion, comedian Mike Epps has had a tumultuous dating history, including a messy divorce from Mechelle McCain and allegations of infidelity. Despite this, Epps has found happiness with his current wife, Kyra Robinson, and they have built a successful partnership both personally and professionally. While Epps may have a complicated past, he has expressed his preference for a committed relationship and values having someone to come home to. Ultimately, Epps’ journey reminds us that love and growth can come from even the messiest of situations.


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