Milei accused the organizers of the debate of “playing in favor” of Massa: “They did stupid things”

Javier Milei, the presidential candidate of La Libertad Avanza, has accused the organizers of the recent debate of favoring his opponent, Sergio Massa. In an interview, Milei expressed his dissatisfaction with the debate format and claimed that the organizers deliberately put him at a disadvantage. Despite this, Milei believes he was able to stay focused and dismantle Massa’s lies. He also celebrated the validation of his parents, who supported him during the debate. Milei expressed gratitude towards his party’s alliance with Juntos por el Cambio and criticized Gerardo Morales for being “addicted to the State’s breast.” Overall, Milei remains determined in his fight against Kirchnerism and appreciates the support he has received.

Javier Milei Accuses Debate Organizers of Bias

Javier Milei, the presidential candidate of La Libertad Avanza, has raised serious allegations against the organizers of the recent debate. He claims that they were intentionally biased in favor of his rival, Sergio Massa, from Unión por la Patria. According to Milei, the debate was structured in a way that gave Massa an advantage, with candidates moving freely and without the use of notes. Milei had anticipated this and even warned his sister during sound checks. Despite the alleged attempts to undermine him, Milei remained focused and undeterred, stating that “he who cheats before starting, he has already lost.”

Accusations of Favoritism towards Sergio Massa

Milei further expressed his belief that the organizers of the debate deliberately tried to portray him as emotionally unstable and lacking self-control. Throughout the entire debate, he claims to have faced strong attacks and intelligence folders aimed at discrediting him. However, Milei remained resolute and managed to stay on track, successfully dismantling Massa’s lies about subsidies and the value of the ticket in his potential government. Despite the challenges, Milei expressed satisfaction with his performance and celebrated with his team after the debate.

Claims of Intelligence Services’ Involvement

In a shocking revelation, Milei accused the Minister of Economy of using information from intelligence services during the debate. He specifically mentioned his internship at the Central Bank and dismissed the notion that there was a psychotechnician involved, labeling it as a lie. Milei’s allegations raise concerns about the potential misuse of sensitive information for political gain. It is crucial to investigate these claims and ensure the integrity of future debates.

Milei’s Performance and Reactions

Javier Milei’s performance in the recent debate has garnered attention and sparked discussions among political observers. His unyielding determination and ability to stay focused despite the alleged bias and attacks have impressed many. Milei’s strong rebuttals and dismantling of his opponent’s arguments have showcased his expertise and deep understanding of the issues at hand. His unwavering commitment to his principles and his ability to articulate his ideas have resonated with supporters and critics alike.

Feeling Satisfied with Debate Outcome

After the debate concluded, Javier Milei expressed his satisfaction with the outcome. He believed that he was able to effectively convey his message and expose the flaws in his opponent’s arguments. Milei’s confidence in his performance was further reinforced by the validation he received from his parents, who were present in the audience. Their support and alignment with the sentiments of the people added to his sense of accomplishment. Milei’s satisfaction with the debate outcome reflects his dedication to his cause and his belief in the power of open dialogue and exchange of ideas.

Celebration with La Libertad Avanza Team

Following the debate, Javier Milei and his team from La Libertad Avanza came together to celebrate their collective efforts. The intense preparation and hard work put into the campaign were acknowledged and appreciated. Milei’s commitment to his team and their shared vision was evident as they continued working late into the night, discussing strategies and analyzing the impact of the debate. The celebration not only served as a moment of joy and camaraderie but also as a reminder of the importance of teamwork and the shared commitment to their political movement.

Milei’s Family Support and Background

Javier Milei’s family has played a significant role in his life and political journey. Their support and validation have been instrumental in shaping his beliefs and values. Milei’s parents, Norberto Horacio Milei and Alicia Luján Lucich, were present in the front row of the audience during the debate, showing their unwavering support for their son. Their presence not only provided Milei with a sense of comfort but also served as a testament to their belief in his abilities and the importance of his political aspirations.

Parents’ Validation and Alignment with Surveys

Milei’s parents’ validation of his performance in the debate was a source of great satisfaction for him. Their opinion aligned with the sentiments expressed by the general public, as reflected in various surveys. This alignment further reinforced Milei’s confidence in his message and the impact he is making on the electorate. The support and validation from his parents serve as a reminder of the importance of familial bonds and the role they play in shaping an individual’s journey.

Emotional Abuse and Support from Sister

Milei’s relationship with his family has not always been easy. He has openly discussed the emotional abuse and physical violence he experienced, particularly from his parents. However, amidst these challenges, Milei found solace and support in his sister. She became his pillar of strength, offering him the emotional support and understanding he needed during difficult times. Milei credits his sister as the “great architect” of his political events, highlighting her significant influence in shaping his political beliefs and career. Their bond serves as a testament to the resilience and strength that can be found within family relationships.

Milei’s Views on JxC and Gerardo Morales

Javier Milei holds strong opinions regarding his political alliances and certain individuals within the political landscape. His views on Juntos por el Cambio (JxC) and Gerardo Morales, in particular, shed light on his perspective and approach to politics.

Gratitude towards JxC and President Macri

Milei expresses deep gratitude towards Juntos por el Cambio and former President Mauricio Macri for their support and collaboration. He acknowledges the assistance and guidance they have provided to his party, La Libertad Avanza, without expecting anything in return. Milei sees this as a patriotic gesture, emphasizing the importance of unity in the fight against Kirchnerism. He appreciates the generosity and magnanimity displayed by JxC and President Macri, recognizing their efforts to combat the challenges posed by the opposing political ideology.

Criticism of Gerardo Morales and Alleged State Dependence

Milei does not shy away from criticizing Gerardo Morales, the governor of Jujuy, and accuses him of being dependent on the state. He claims that Morales has numerous relatives employed in government positions, suggesting a reliance on the state’s resources. Milei’s criticism stems from his belief that Morales betrayed his alliance with JxC and former Minister of Security Patricia Bullrich. He views Morales as someone who lacks the independence and integrity required to make decisions without being influenced by the state. Milei’s critique highlights his commitment to principles and his expectation of transparency and accountability from political leaders.

In conclusion, Javier Milei, the presidential candidate of La Libertad Avanza, accused the organizers of the debate of favoring his rival, Sergio Massa. Despite the attacks and attempts to discredit him, Milei believes he was able to stay focused and dismantle Massa’s lies. He expressed satisfaction with his performance and celebrated with his team after the debate. Milei’s parents, who accompanied him to the debate, validated his performance and aligned with the public’s opinion. He also expressed gratitude to JxC and criticized Gerardo Morales for being “addicted to the State’s breast.” Overall, Milei remains determined in his fight against Kirchnerism and appreciates the support he has received from the PRO party.

Despite the challenges and attempts to undermine him, Milei’s resilience and determination shine through. His performance in the debate and the validation from his parents serve as a testament to his commitment to his political cause. As the runoff approaches, it will be interesting to see how Milei continues to challenge the status quo and fight against Kirchnerism.

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