Miss Universe 2023 Moraya Wilson: not transgender despite rumours

Moraya Wilson has been thrust into the spotlight in recent years due to her participation in the Miss Universe 2023 competition. Hailing from Australia, this beauty pageant titleholder earned the prestigious title of Miss Universe Australia 2023 and even secured the position of second runner-up in the 72nd Miss Universe pageant. Her professional journey started as a sports coach at Caulfield Grammar School, which eventually led her to modelling. She signed up with Vivien’s Model Management in Melbourne in November 2018 and her modelling career took off. Her personal life, particularly her sexual orientation, has sparked curiosity among her admirers.

In light of the ongoing discussions, it is important to clarify that Moraya Wilson is not transgender. Despite the swirling rumours about her sexual orientation, it is worth mentioning that Wilson identifies as a straight woman. Unfortunately, she may have become a target of the same sort of false information that has previously misled the public about the sexual orientation of other celebrities in her industry. As a result, baseless allegations about Wilson’s sexual orientation have been circulated and have caused confusion among her fans. Notwithstanding the unverified rumours, the beauty pageant queen has chosen to remain silent.

The speculation about Wilson’s sexual orientation gained momentum after her participation in the Miss Universe 2023 pageant. However, as previously mentioned, Wilson is a straight woman who has chosen not to engage in discussions about the unfounded rumours. Wilson enjoys a significant following on Instagram, boasting over 28,000 followers under the handle @morayawilson, where she openly shares aspects of her life.

Wilson is reportedly in a romantic relationship with her long-time boyfriend Sam Alabakis, who is an ex-rookie of the Australian Football League. Although the timeline of their relationship remains unclear, the couple appears to have been together for a significant period. According to a Daily Mail report, Wilson and Sam are believed to be living together in a luxurious two-bedroom apartment in Armadale. They often share pictures of each other on their respective social media platforms, painting a picture of a supportive and loving relationship. Keep an eye on our updates for the latest information.

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