Najiba Faiz’s Alleged Private Video Goes Viral on Twitter, Reddit; Actress Calls It ‘Fake’

With the latest turn of events, famous Pakistani TV model and actress Najiba Faiz has found herself at the centre of a media circus after her video got leaked on the internet. The minute the alleged video was leaked it went viral spreading like wildfire across various social media platforms such as Twitter, Reddit.

In her home country, the scandal has become a hot topic in the media. Her fans have sparked a debate on the various social media platforms.

Here we will be diving into the story and find out what exactly happened with her. Keep on scrolling- 

Disclaimer: This content respects individual privacy and ethical standards. We strongly condemn the unauthorized sharing or publicizing of private videos without consent. Such actions violate personal rights and can cause significant harm. We urge everyone to respect privacy and uphold ethical conduct in handling sensitive personal materials.

As mentioned above, the video of famous Pakistani TV actress Najiba Faiz is currently dominating the internet. As the news of her alleged MMS started to circulate in the media, she came out and addressed all of the allegations made against her. She stated that the video was fake and manipulated to defame her name in the media. The origin of the video is still unknown. 

Pakistani TV actress Najiba Faiz's private video goes viral on the internet, stirring controversy in the media

Her official statement is enough to address all the criticism the public was making on Twitter. She further added that her Facebook live videos were used to make the alleged leaked video. 

She stated, “These guys are really funny, and for their playtime, here I am sharing it again. Please edit with some quality work, as now these are advanced editing technologies.”

Pakistani TV actress Najiba Faiz's private video goes viral on the internet, stirring controversy in the media

We urge our readers not to watch or share such videos as they can degrade a person’s reputation in society. Plus, don’t believe in any fake stories currently circulating online by unauthorized websites.

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