Nazir Razak’s wife, Yati Zainuddin: from privacy to co-founding Bluemolly

In today’s digital age, the curiosity of the public is often piqued by the lives of those in the limelight, more so when it comes to figures in the financial sector. One such individual is Nazir Razak, the former chairman of the Malaysian universal bank, CIMB Group. As the son of Abdul Razak Hussein, the second prime minister of Malaysia, Nazir has always been in the public eye. Born in November 1966 in Kuala Lumpur, he pursued his education at the University of Bristol and Pembroke College, University of Cambridge, earning a Bachelor of Science in Economics and Politics, and a Master of Philosophy in Development Economics, respectively.

Nazir’s tenure as the CEO of the CIMB Group from 1999 to 2014 was marked by his resolute determination to bring about significant societal change. A staunch supporter of humanitarian initiatives, education, and entrepreneurship, Nazir’s commitment to building better futures for communities globally extends beyond his professional obligations. His accomplishments and dedication have not only made him a beacon of inspiration but have also sparked curiosity about his personal life, especially about his second wife, Yati Zainuddin.

Yati Zainuddin, a self-made businesswoman, is the co-founder of Bluemolly, a cosmetics company. Despite being in the public eye due to her marriage to Nazir, Yati has kept her personal life under wraps, which includes her age. While there isn’t much information available about her, it can be speculated that she may be in her forties.

Yati’s journey as an entrepreneur started alongside her sister Shireen and their friend Sherry Kamaruddin. Their mixed heritage, with a Chinese mother and a Malay father, adds to the diversity of their business. Yati and Shireen’s upbringing in a structured and disciplined household has undoubtedly influenced their business ethos.

The Bluemolly cosmetics company was established in 2020, with a focus on creating mild, age-appropriate beauty products using the finest natural ingredients. The bond between Yati and her sister extends beyond the familial ties, as they co-founded the company. Yati’s entrepreneurial journey is a testament to her commitment to delivering quality products while maintaining a strong bond with her family.

As the public continues to express interest in Nazir Razak and Yati Zainuddin, we will strive to bring you the latest updates about their lives. Their stories serve as an inspiration for many, demonstrating the power of determination, hard work, and a commitment to making a difference in society.

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