Old man can’t take his eyes off Rubi Rose as singer twerks in tiny shorts

An old man got the shock of his life last week when he went to the gym and saw Rubi Rose rehearsing for a show – which left him gawking.

The singer shared the short clip on TikTok, which shows her dancing seductively in very little clothing, and everyone is joking that they would stare too.

Old man watching Rubi Rose dancing
@rubirose TikTok

In the viral video, Rubi is rehearsing in a pair of very short black leather shorts, a matching crop top and knee-high heeled boots.

The I Like star is practising a routine to Asian Doll’s track Nunnadet S**t, which includes a raunchy twerk at the end.

In the mirror, you can see an older man wearing a blue shirt and shorts leaning against a treadmill gazing at her.

He watches intensely as the music star does the racy dance, while a woman next to him who looks like his wife is completely oblivious.

“He stayed and watched my whole rehearsal,” the singer revealed in the caption. The video has had more than a million views.

The track contains expletives it so we can’t insert the TikTok clip, but you can watch it here.

Old man watching Rubi Rose dancing
@rubirose TikTok

In the comments, people are joking that they would do exactly the same thing if they saw Rubi Rose rehearsing in a gym.

One person wrote: “Any smart man would stay for a free Rubi Rose show.”

“Can’t be mad at him, I would do the same,” said another.

A third person added: “I would’ve stayed and never left.”

“He’s so real, how can you not stop and stare?” someone else added.

Another commented: “He is ALL of us.”

Rubi is on tour with Sexyy Redd this month, visiting cities across the US.

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