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Opponents with a wing-like structure, genshin, are eliminatedHello, fellow adventurers! If you dive into the fantasy world of Genshin Impact, you could come throughout the duty “Graphic Resistance Technology Experiment Log”.

Sounds tough, proper? Do not fear; We are right here to destroy it. This quest entails taking photographs of creatures with wing-like constructions, and we now have info on the place to search out them. Get able to discover the fascinating lands of Teiwat as we embark on a mission to seize some fascinating winged enemies!

To conquer this quest, it’s worthwhile to concentrate on creatures with wing-like constructions. Here’s a helpful record that can assist you with the completely different creatures you’ll be able to seize:

  1. Anemo Slime: Fun and mischievous, Anemo Slime dances by means of the air, leaving trails within the light breeze. Its clear kind displays the colours of the surroundings, creating a pretty sight.
  2. Big Anemo Slime: Towering above its smaller counterparts, the Large Anemo Slime instructions the winds majestically. His presence is marked by swirling explosions and his playful demeanor belies the facility he holds inside.
  3. Hydro Mimic Finch: This water-loving chicken mimics the grace of the finches, gliding effortlessly over our bodies of water. Its feathers glisten with droplets, creating an interesting show because it strikes between spheres of water.
  4. Hydromimic crane: With magnificence paying homage to a crane, this Hydro Mimic Crane stands tall and regal. Her lengthy neck falls gracefully and her watery plumes glisten within the daylight as she strikes with quiet majesty.
  5. Hydro Mimic Mallard: The Hydro Mimic Mallard brings a contact of caprice to the waters. Sporting vibrant feathers and a definite intelligence, it glides gracefully by means of ponds and provides coloration to waterscapes.
  6. Electric cycin: A small ball of electrified vitality, the Electro Cicin shoots by means of the air and leaves a path of crackling sparks. His evil nature is revealed by the random static shocks he inflicts on those that are too shut.
  7. Cryo Cicin: Gliding gracefully by means of winter landscapes, the Cryo Tsitsyn leaves an icy path. Its delicate ice crystals refract the sunshine, creating a stunning spectacle because it flutters merrily within the chilly breeze.
  8. Hydrocycin: In a watery surroundings, Hydro Cicin elegantly skims the floor and leaves ripples. His watery grace is matched solely by the hilarious splashes he produces, making him a pleasant sight to behold on the earth of Genshin Impact.
  9. Stormterror Dwalin: A colossal dragon, Stormterror Dwalin guidelines the skies with mighty winds. His majestic wings are unfold huge and the crackling vitality round him hints on the storms he can unleash on those that dare to problem him.
  10. Red Vulture: The Red Vulture soars excessive within the sky, its fiery plume billowing the clouds. Its refined eyes scan the panorama beneath, including a fiery magnificence to the aerial world.
  11. Blessed Red Vulture: An aura of purity, the blessed purple vult embodies divine grace. Its radiant feathers emit a celestial glow, symbolizing its exalted standing among the many creatures of the Genshin Impact.
  12. Blessed Flying Serpent: This majestic snake, blessed by mystical powers, glides effortlessly by means of the air. Its scales glow with divine vitality and the fascinating patterns on its wings inform tales of historical magic.
  13. Oceanid: The guardian of the water spheres, Oceanid represents the circulation of water. Its form is continually altering, reflecting the waves it controls. The vibrant aquatic life that surrounds it provides to the enchantment of this mystical creature.
  14. Manifestation of thunder: A residing storm, a manifestation of thunder crackling with electrical energy. Lightning dances in her kind and the booming thunder that accompanies her presence echoes throughout the sky.
  15. Jadeplume Terrorshroom: Set in a lush panorama, the Jadeplume Terrorshroom towers over the undergrowth. Its jade hood emits an otherworldly glow, casting an ethereal gentle upon the creatures that dwell in its wonderful shadow.
  16. Wing freezer room: A winged cryoshrum blooms in winter landscapes, its icy wings spreading like delicate frost. It creates a quiet tableau that captures the great thing about the chilly season in a single frozen second.
  17. Winged dendroshrum: A marvel of nature, the Winged Dendroshroom boasts vibrant leaves on its wings. As it flies, it disperses seeds, which contribute to the life cycle in Genshin Impact’s numerous ecosystems.
  18. Ruin Drake – Skywatch: Ruin Drake, standing atop Skywatch, guidelines the skies with stoic presence. Its metallic wings replicate daylight and create a formidable silhouette towards the clouds.
  19. Aeonblight Drake: Imbued with the essence of the Aeons, the Aeonblight Drake soars by means of the traditional sky. Its ethereal wings flutter with temporal vitality, echoing the mysteries of time itself.
  20. Hermit – Gallehunter Summoned Bird: The Hermit, Master of the Winds, summons the Gallehunter chicken to assist in his quests. Swift and agile, the summoned chicken displays the talent of its summoner, darting by means of the air with unparalleled grace.

Feel free to combine and match these winged wonders to finish the duty’s photograph counting requirement.

Among these superb creatures, Anemo Slime stands out as a handy alternative in your photograph search. Not solely have they got eye-catching wing-like constructions, however they usually seem in several areas. Let’s dive into the record of areas the place you’ll find these full of life anemo slimes:

  • Abundant Anemo Slime Spawn Area: This information mentions a selected location that could be a treasure trove of Anemo Slimes. Head there and you will find a beneficiant gathering of those winged creatures able to be captured in your photographs.

Now that you already know your targets, let’s discuss getting that excellent shot. Here are some suggestions and methods to enhance your photograph quest in Genshin Impact:

  1. Patience pays off: Some creatures could also be shy or transfer round quite a bit. Be affected person, look ahead to the correct second and take that photograph after they strike a pose.
  2. Research is essential: Explore completely different areas and biomes to extend your probabilities of encountering these winged creatures. Each space has a novel set of creatures that add selection to your photograph assortment.
  3. Team for effectivity: Grab a buddy or be a part of a co-op recreation to share the search. You can cut up up and canopy extra floor, making it simpler to search out and {photograph} creatures.
  4. Time of day is necessary: Some creatures could also be extra lively at particular occasions of the day. Try completely different occasions to maximise your probabilities of seeing them.

Armed with your digital camera and record of winged wonders, you are now able to embark in your photographic journey in Genshin Impact. Whether you concentrate on the elusive Anemo Slimes or determine to create a various album of winged creatures, Teyvat is your playground. So go forward, catch the magic and full this activity “Graphics Resistance Technology Experiment Log” with flying colours!

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