Optical Illusion: Spot Sukuna’s Sleepy Cat In Under 5 Seconds!

  • By Poorva Karki
  • Published: Mon, 20 Nov 2023 06:01 PM (IST)
  • Source:JND

Optical Illusion: For this one, we need someone with excellent eyesight, so that a lost and sleepy cat can be spotted. Sukuna has a very mischievous cat- Yuji. Today morning, Yuji ventured into Sukuna’s friend Geto’s general store, as part of a daily routine. But now, it’s time to feed the furry one, but it’s nowhere to be found. The cat is in the store somewhere, but it’s getting to spot it. So now, Sukuna needs your help in spotting his furry friend. In the image given below, there is a picture of a general store, you have to spot the cat in it. You have 5 seconds. All the best!

Can you spot the cat in under 5 seconds? (Source: The Sun)

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Did you spot the cat in the image? If yes, then great, you have sharp eyesight. How much time did you take? Was it more than 5 seconds? 

If you were not able to spot the cat, then let us help you.

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Take a hard look at the image. The furry one is right there, it’s just in a place it definitely should not be. Found it? No? Do you need a hint? Well, try looking in some of the shelves, you might find a furry one dozed off along with some snacks. Still no luck? Okay, take a look at the left of the image, the black and white cat is sleeping on the bottom shelf. We have also circled it with red for your ease. Thanks to you, Sukuna found his cat Yuji back!

Can you spot the cat in under 5 seconds? (Source: The Sun)

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