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OSRS tells you the story of Ellis: Welcome, RuneScapers! Today we delve into the paranormal realm of Old School RuneScape (OSRS) to find the magic behind the Have Elsie Tell You a Story quest. If you are prepared for journey and a good fairy story, be part of us on the steps of this fascinating quest.

Q1: How does the search begin?

The quest begins with a humble cup of tea. Head to Varok and discover the tea stall simply south of the japanese entrance to city. Pick up a cup of tea for ten cash or, if you’re feeling cheeky and have a thieving degree of at the least 5, attempt your hand at counting with out paying one.

Q2: Where do you discover Elsa?

Elsie, our narrator, is positioned northeast of Varrok, contained in the Saradomin Church. Head upstairs to search out Elsie in her aspect, comfortably seated in her swing, engrossed in her knitting.

Q3: What is the subsequent step after tea?

Approach Else and take a pleasant sip with a cup of tea on her. Watch as she graciously accepts the gesture and units the stage for the unfolding narrative.

This fall: What story does Elsie share?

Handing over the tea, Elsie begins to spin a charming yarn. Prepare to be transported to the world of Dis and their daring escape, which incorporates the Temple of Zamorak. It is a story woven with intrigue, twists and turns that guarantees an unforgettable journey.

Q5: Are there elective spoilers within the quest?

For these hungry for a bit extra, here is a tease – Dis is revealed to be a sensible outdated man within the village of Draenor, who goes by the total identify of Dionysus. Yes, the plot thickens and OSRS reveals its intertwining tales.

Q6: What occurs after Elsie’s story is informed?

By following these steps, you have efficiently accomplished the search and unlocked Elsie’s storytelling potential in OSRS. It’s not nearly finishing duties; It’s an immersion into the wealthy tales that make RuneScape the magical world it’s.

So RuneScapers, take a second to bask within the story, bask within the pleasure of finishing one other quest, and admire the tales that make OSRS an ever-evolving journey. Until the subsequent quest calls you, joyful RuneScaping!

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