Pakistani Girl’s Funny Video Turns Ugly After Getting Slapped For Including Sister In Frame | Viral Video

  • By Poorva Karki
  • Published: Mon, 20 Nov 2023 03:34 PM (IST)
  • Source:JND

Viral Video: Sisters’ love is truly magical, but so is their fight. A young Pakistani girl learned this the hard way, after she wholeheartedly included her sister in a video that she was recording, but ended up getting an unexpected reaction instead. The young one began to show her hair in the video, after which the camera then panned to her sister. However, the elder sister slapped the younger one out of nowhere and screamed at her to not include her in the video. After the sudden slap, it took mere seconds for the matter to escalate as both began to fight with each other. 

The said video was then shared on social media, which instantly went viral. Although the date and location were not confirmed, but according to the viral post’s caption, the incident took place between two Pakistani girls. The post was shared on the social media site X (formerly Twitter) by the handle ‘Ghar ke kalesh’. The post was captioned, “Slap-Kalesh b/w Two Sisters over one sis Recording other in Pakistan.”

Watch the viral video:

Most people were surprised by the video and reacted to it, making it go viral. Many chastised the girl for the slap and called it ‘uncalled’ for, while others pointed out that the girls appeared to be British-Pakistani because of their accents. A few also found the incident hilarious and cracked jokes on it. The post was shared two days back and pulled 293K views from people. 

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Taking to the comment section, people shared their take. “I am surprised, they have used their hands, instead AK47,” a user said. “Stop recording,” added a second person. “Accent se to British passport holder lag rhi hai Pakistani nhi (She sounds like a British because of her accent),” added a third. “That was completely mean and uncalled for,” commented a fourth person. “Why did she even slap her like that? Why are people so mean for no reason sometimes?” asked a fifth netizen.

“Recording continued meanwhile the kalesh goes on,” said a sixth person. “How it started, and how it ended,” joined a seventh user. “Seems NRI pakis. The accent and affluence,” added another. 

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