Papalii Grant Percival Obituary, A tribute to a visionary entrepreneur

Papalii Grant Percival Obituary, Death – This past week, Papalii Grant Percival went away calmly and serenely in Auckland. He is well-known to a large number of people for a variety of reasons; nonetheless, it is as a visionary entrepreneur that he has made substantial contributions to the development and progress of Samoa. A visionary is someone who can think about and plan for the future with both imagination and logic. An individual who is an entrepreneur is someone who produces money by creating their firm, particularly when doing so requires them to recognize fresh opportunities and take risks.

The amount of imagination and insight that Papalii possessed was substantial. He was able to perceive chances with clarity that almost no one else could, and he was ready to accept risks where most others would hesitate over them. His brilliance placed him at the forefront of pioneering thinkers who not only have a vision that is far-sighted but also the ability to turn that vision into reality. Many of his ideas were innovative, and this places his brilliance at the forefront of pioneering thinkers.

His parents, Papaliitele Stephen Percival and Greta Kathleen Percival (née Gurau), both passed away before Grant was born on November 21, 1953, in Auckland, New Zealand. Grant is the eldest son of the couple. His wife, Vaina (née Slade), and his four children, Lloyd, Damien, Janina, and Grant Jr., are the only ones who will remember him after his passing. Grant was accompanied by his mother Greta, who was 93 years old at the time, his sisters Rhonda Macdonald and Sabrina Percival, and his brothers Faavaeomaolo Arno and Galumalemana Steven on the occasion of his seventieth birthday, which occurred on November 21, 2023.

“I am who I am, and it’s just my upbringing and experience that I have been through,” he said in the first words of his address on that particular day. Those individuals who were familiar with the late Papaliitele Steve Percival, who was not only a visionary and an entrepreneur but also a tailor among other things, had the impression that Papalii was a perfect example of the same qualities.

In addition to being a highly skilled athlete, he was a deadly opponent on the rugby field, where he competed at the provincial level in New Zealand. It was a sight to behold to watch him serve the ball like a tennis player. Even though his health was deteriorating, he was extremely interested in Samoa’s success at the Pacific Games in 2023. He participated in all sports with a great deal of enthusiasm.

It was his love for his family, his commitment to people he had known for his whole life, and his kind personality that defined him, among the many admirable attributes he possessed. Everyone who knew him, including his family, his many friends, and the people he worked with whom he also considered to be friends, will miss him terribly.

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