Penny Saeger: still alive and battling health issues post ‘My 600-lb Life’

Penny Saeger, most recognised for her stint on Season 2 of the television show “My 600-lb Life,” is a figure of intrigue for many. Starting her weight loss journey in 2014, she weighted 530 pounds, was entirely bedridden, and required oxygen support. Despite undergoing weight loss surgery, Penny struggled to adhere to Dr. Nowzaradan’s weight loss plan, making only marginal headway. Her unyielding attitude, coupled with her unwillingness to alter her lifestyle, made her one of the more contentious figures on the show.

The latest reports confirm that Penny Saeger is indeed alive, debunking circulating rumours of her death. Currently residing in North Maryland, Penny continues to grapple with health issues and spends a significant amount of time bedridden. Despite the rumours, trusted sources like Soap Dirt have verified her status.

This reality star, who gained a reputation through her participation in the second season of “My 600-lb Life,” has faced an array of health problems. Despite undergoing weight loss surgery and momentarily losing approximately 35 pounds, Penny’s journey remained fraught with obstacles. A year following her operation, she weighed in at 494 pounds, underlining the persistent challenges she confronted to achieve and maintain significant weight loss.

Her husband has recently posted photographs of Penny, suggesting she is alive and seemingly at peace. Her weight seems to have stabilised, and she continues to use a nasal aspirator. Her social media profiles, although not very active, occasionally feature family photos and updates. Reliable sources are vital when seeking current information about Penny’s well-being, given the complexities and adversities showcased in her weight loss journey.

Penny Saeger, one of the more memorable contestants from the reality show “My 600-lb Life,” had a turbulent weight loss journey. She lived with her husband, Edgar, and young son, Liam, while being bedridden and dependent on oxygen. She sought the help of bariatric surgeon Dr. Younan Nowzaradan, aiming to qualify for weight loss surgery by losing the necessary weight.

A 2015 episode of “My 600-lb Life: Where Are They Now?” revealed little progress, with Penny still bedridden and reliant on oxygen. Her decision to limit food intake by taking up couponing and her efforts to go trick-or-treating with her son in a wheelchair for Halloween, albeit modest, showed a glimpse of her determination.

Penny’s social media activity, particularly on Facebook, provided occasional glimpses into her life. A post in 2019 showed her playing with a kitten from her bed, which resulted in disappointed reactions from viewers who had hoped for a more substantial progress. In 2021, she posted about receiving the COVID-19 vaccine and shared images of her now-teenage son, Liam.

Despite having access to a nutritionist, physical therapist, and therapist from Dr. Now, Penny continued to face ongoing challenges. Her struggle underscores the persistent difficulties faced by individuals battling severe obesity, even when professional help is provided. This underlines the significance of maintaining consistent commitment and implementing comprehensive strategies for lasting change in weight loss journeys.

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