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Explore Peter Godsoe’s legacy through his Ontario obituary. Delve into the life and achievements of this remarkable individual from Toronto, ON, as his obituary captures the essence of his contributions and the mark he left on the community.

On December 13, 2023, revered Canadian financial legend Peter C. Godsoe passed away peacefully at the age of 85, surrounded by loved ones in Toronto. Godsoe’s unparalleled 60-year career saw him rise from bank teller to President and CEO of Scotiabank, dramatically expanding the bank into a global force.

Born in Toronto in 1938 to Gerry and Margaret Godsoe, Peter excelled at UTS before earning a mathematics/physics degree from the University of Toronto. He completed his MBA at Harvard Business School, becoming a licensed accountant and CPA.

Godsoe began working at Scotiabank as a teller in 1966. Through diligence and leadership, he quickly rose through the executive ranks over 26 years to become President in 1990 , then President and CEO in 1992.

As CEO throughout the ’90s and early 2000s, Godsoe led Scotiabank’s strategic growth initiatives, expanding beyond the domestic bank. Using new technologies and pursuing mergers and acquisitions abroad, Godsoe increased Scotiabank’s assets 15-fold to $297 billion during his tenure.

Scotiabank has flourished into Canada’s most international bank under Godsoe’s vision, growing from the nation’s fifth largest bank to the second largest in the early 2000s. The bank now operates in more than 50 countries. worldwide thanks to Godsoe’s global focus.

In addition to Scotiabank, Godsoe serves on many major corporate boards including Barrick Gold, Fairmont Hotels, Ingersoll Rand Company, Onex and Sobeys. He also held leadership roles in community organizations such as Mt. Sinai, Canadian Opera Company and Perimeter Institute.

Godsoe leverages his influence to promote diversity, equity and ethical leadership in business. He intentionally hired and promoted women, people of color and other minorities within Scotiabank, and advocated for broader inclusion in Canadian finance.

Godsoe received Canada’s highest civilian honor, the Order of Canada, in 2001 for outstanding professional and philanthropic contributions. He was also awarded the Order of Ontario, inducted into the Canadian Business Hall of Fame and received four honorary university degrees in recognition of his legacy.

In 2004, Godsoe was awarded the Order of Jamaica for strengthening Canada-Jamaica relations and supporting Scotiabank’s expansion into the Caribbean during his tenure.

Despite his heavy responsibilities, Godsoe always made time for tennis, golf, cards, vigorous dancing with his wife Shelagh and traveling to nearly 100 countries. The years that followed brought precious moments with his three adult children and five grandchildren.

Godsoe approaches life with a spirit of humility, generosity and characteristic humor. His sincerity touched everyone he met, as evidenced by countless loving compliments from colleagues and strangers alike.

Peter Godsoe redefined the Canadian banking industry, demonstrating strategic vision and principled, compassionate leadership. He paved previously unexplored paths to grow Scotiabank into a dynamic global entity that will continue to drive prosperity for years to come.

Godsoe always extends his hand to empower others to reach their highest potential. Through his dedicated mentorship and advocacy for diversity, his influence has advanced countless causes and communities for the better.

The landmark achievements, personal qualities and positive impacts that shaped Peter Godsoe’s journey made him a Canadian business icon. Although he will be sorely missed, Godsoe’s pioneering legacy lives on as an inspiration.

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