Religious SpiderMan At Times Square In NYC Will Make You Laugh Hard | Watch Viral Video

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  • Published: Sat, 18 Nov 2023 05:17 PM (IST)
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In a surprising turn of events at Times Square, NYC, a person dressed as Spider-Man made a sudden appearance, sparking excitement among onlookers. The viral video captured this costumed individual mingling with ISKCON devotees, joining their vibrant dance routine. With enthusiasm, Spider-Man became part of the Sankirtan group, matching their energy as they danced to rhythmic beats and chants. Well, social media is in love with this video.

The group, dressed in orange and white robes, welcomed the superhero warmly, forming a joyful circle of dance. Spectators also enthusiastically joined in, embracing the fun moment. The Instagram post captioned the video as “Spider-Man joins the fun! Maha Harinam with the Atlanta Sankirtan devotees in Times Square, New York City November 2023.”

The video opens with a person donning a Spider-Man costume joins a gathering in Times Square. As the clip progresses, Spider-Man is seen dancing to the rhythm of ‘Maha Harinam’ and dhol beats, with some bystanders joining the vibrant group in their dance. 

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The video, shared on November 8, quickly gained traction, accumulating over 1.2 million views and sparking a flurry of likes and comments from netizens. A user wrote, “Spiderman :- way back to godhead.” Another added, “Spiderman – On the right path, Hare Krishna.” A third comment read, “Spiderman Prabhu ki jay.”

“SpiderMan – Homecoming !! Peter Prabhu Jai,” a comment read. 

About Spider-Man

Spider-Man, the legendary superhero from Marvel Comics, was brought to life by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko in 1962 through the pages of Amazing Fantasy #15. Since his debut, Spider-Man has spun his web across multiple comics, TV series, and blockbuster films, captivating audiences globally.

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