Rhyddion Williams Death; Fiancée Found Husband, 27, Dead Weeks After Birth of Daughter

A Welsh man discovered dead in bed weeks after having their second daughter receives a heartbreaking tribute from his fiancée.

A Port Talbot mother of two, Chelsea Sterio, 24, found her fiancée Rhyddion Williams, 27, dead weeks after giving birth to their second child. Chelsea’s father had struggled with melancholy and anxiety for years, and his mental state worsened after his second daughter’s birth.

Rhyddion also struggled with prescription drug addiction due to his mental health issues. Chelsea said the Port Talbot resident took ADHD medication.

Before Rhyddion’s death, the couple had two daughters, Freya-Harper Williams, 3, and Florrie-Mae Williams, 9 weeks old. I gave birth eight weeks ago and his mental health was poor. He called the physicians, who prescribed more pills without seeing him, Chelsea said.

“He went downhill three years ago due to depression and anxiety. However, he was OK afterward “Chelsea told WalesOnline. Chelsea stated she is still processing Rhyddion’s death on November 2.

I’m not sure if I’m still shocked. Trying to process. Chelsea: My daughter wants to know where her dad is. “Toward the end, he called his mental health agency and got extra medication over the phone. They let him down. They should have noticed his addiction.”

Chelsea stated she found a workstation in Rhyddion’s shed after his death. “Mentally, I’m unwell.” was written in permanent marker on the bench. Rhyddion’s death will be investigated and inquest held on April 8, 2024.

Swansea Bay University Health Board spokesman: “The health board would like to express its sincere condolences to Mr. Williams’ family and friends for their very sad loss. We are evaluating the situation as usual even though we have not received a formal complaint. We also communicate with the coroner. The inquest into Mr. Willilams’ death has begun, therefore further comment is inappropriate.”

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