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“Honor the legacy of Coach Bill Burgess, father of Rick Burgess. Explore his impactful life and contributions through his obituary. Reflect on the profound influence that Coach Burgess had had, as a coach and a father. Share our condolences and honor the enduring spirit of an esteemed individual in this heartfelt tribute.”

The Jacksonville State University athletics community suffered a heartbreaking loss Wednesday with the passing of Bill Burgess, the legendary football coach who led the Gamecocks to the Division II championship. Burgess, 82, passed away peacefully surrounded by family members who praised him as an exceptional father on and off the field during his prestigious career that shaped countless lives child.

From 1985 to 1996, Bill Burgess patrolled the sidelines as JSU head football coach, compiling an overall record of 84-49-4. His transformative tenure culminated with Gulf South Conference championships in 1990, 1991 and 1992 plus a perfect 13-0 national championship campaign in 1992. The 1992 squad remains is the Gamecocks’ only national championship team.

Burgess has built a program that competes annually to win conference and national awards, greatly enhancing Jacksonville State’s reputation. His 10-plus championship seasons solidified the foundation for long-term great players that fans still love to this day.

While professionally renowned for his attacking innovation and run-heavy style known as “Burgess Ball”, the late coach Bill Burgess was more interested in developing young men from all walks of life. face. Players praised him for imparting important life lessons about integrity, resilience and compassion.

Burgess continually reinforces the importance of positive values ​​in uplifting teams and entire communities. His deep spiritual devotion also shaped an inspirational tone in JSU football expressed through countless acts of service.

Processing life without Bill Burgess’s huge presence in Gamecock football and the Jacksonville area evokes deep sadness but also profound gratitude. His model of servant leadership through quality teaching and selfless love for students remains engrained in the fabric of JSU.

The Burgess family takes some solace in envisioning emotional reunions with deceased loved ones in better, pain-free places. But filling the void left by such a coach, mentor and commanding friend remains impossible. Rest well Coach Burgess – you accomplished your mission with class.

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