ryan gibbs plainfield indiana and Explore the tragic events involving Ryan Gibbs and Jessica Stoebick in Plainfield Indiana

Explore the tragic events involving Ryan Gibbs and Jessica Stoebick of Plainfield, Indiana. Update on the circumstances surrounding the reported murder-suicide. Dive into details about Jessica Diane Stoebick and access information related to the case on MyCase in Indiana. Stay up to date on this developing story in Plainfield, Indiana.

Tragedy struck a home in Plainfield, Indiana early Monday morning when a man broke into his estranged wife’s home and killed her before killing himself. According to the Plainfield Police Department, the murder-suicide occurred around 3:30 a.m. at a home in the 5800 block of Grevillea Lane.

The intruder was identified as 41 years oldRyan Gibbs, the victim’s estranged husband, 47 years oldJessica Diane Stoebick. The couple apparently went through a tumultuous separation, with Gibbs facing multiple charges of harassment and violating a no-contact order.

“Our agency is currently handling this case as a murder-suicide case,” said the deputy police chief.Joe Aldridgeof the Plainfield Police Department at a press conference. Other family members were in the Stoebick home at the time of the incident but were unharmed.

According to online court records, Gibbs has been charged with previous crimes, including invasion of privacy, stalking, threats and violating a no-contact order put in place by Stoebick. Gibbs had apparently been harassing his estranged wife for some time.

In April, Gibbs was arrested and charged with two counts of invasion of privacy, intimidation, stalking, resisting law enforcement and distributing intimate images. At the time, he was accused of leaving sexually explicit photos of Stoebick around her neighborhood and workplace. The photos included Stoebick’s name and phone number.

Stoebick told police that Gibbs owned several guns and that she stayed with the family because she was afraid of what he might do. A few days before the offensive photos were discovered, Stoebick said Gibbs called and directly threatened her.

When police tried to pull Gibbs over in April to question him about the harassment, he led them on a high-speed chase that police ended for safety reasons.

“This investigation has been deeply challenging for the affected family, especially during the holiday season,” said Deputy Chief Aldridge. “We ask for the community’s support in keeping the family in our thoughts and prayers during this difficult time.”

Ultimately, Gibbs’ campaign of terror against his estranged wife culminated in an unspeakable tragedy. Although full details have yet to be revealed, it appears that Gibbs broke into Stoebick’s home with the intention of ending both of their lives in a shocking murder-suicide.

Plainfield police have not revealed how Gibbs got in or any other specifics about the actual murder as the investigation continues. But the result was two lives cruelly cut short just weeks before Christmas.

The entire series of events reads like a cautionary tale about the potential danger and fatality of domestic violence situations—even those that don’t seem extreme on the surface.

Police are asking anyone with additional information about Ryan Gibbs and Jessica Stoebick to contact Detective Taylor Wilson at 317-754-5284. But the most important message is that restraining orders and harassment charges cannot necessarily predict, let alone prevent, deadly violence.

Friends, family and entire communities are now grappling with the consequences of unrest and rage that turned deadly in a case that refuses easy explanations.

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