Scott McDonald, Sky Combat Ace Aerobatic Instructor, Tragically Passed Away

The sudden death of Scott McDonald, a skilled pilot and respected aerobatic instructor, has left the aviation community in shock. He tragically passed away on Wednesday, November 15, 2023, as a result of a plane crash in Union City, Tennessee. His untimely demise has left many grieving and remembering the life he lived.

Scott McDonald was not just an accomplished pilot; he was a passionate instructor who dedicated his life to the skies. Born in Saint Johns, Michigan, he later moved to Henderson, Nevada. He was known for his meticulous skill, dedication, and his ability to inspire others in the field of aviation. gif maker 2023 11 17T163540.577

McDonald began his career as a Pilot/Flight Instructor at Crosswinds Aviation. His passion and dedication led him to become an Aerobatic Instructor at Sky Combat Ace, one of the most respected aviation schools. Here, he excelled and left a profound impact, mentoring many aspiring pilots and sharing his love for flight.

On November 15, Scott McDonald was involved in a fatal plane crash in Union City, Tennessee. He was piloting an Sbach XA-42 during an aerobatic flight when the tragic incident occurred. The news of his death sent shockwaves through the aviation community, leaving many heartbroken.

Scott McDonald’s death was the result of a tragic plane crash. The exact circumstances surrounding the crash are still under investigation. As we await further details, it is important to remember and respect the family’s privacy during this difficult time.

The loss of Scott McDonald is deeply felt by the aviation community and all who knew him. His passion for flight, his dedication to teaching, and his warm personality touched many lives. As we mourn his passing, we also celebrate the life he lived and the many ways he contributed to the world of aviation.

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With everything I got going on today, its hard not to think about the fun times I had with Scott McDonald! A few of my favorite shots of him, but they do nothing to capture the guy and why hes gonna be missed, so many fun times on the ramp.

The thoughts and prayers of many are with Scott McDonald’s family as they navigate this challenging time. May they find comfort in the memories of Scott and the knowledge that his legacy will continue to inspire future generations of pilots.

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