Seun Kuti confronts a man at the airport for threatening him online, saying, “You’re not leaving this country” (Video)

“You’re not leaving this country” – Seun Kuti accosts man at airport for threatening him online (Video)

Controversial Nigerian singer, Seun Kuti has been seen on camera fighting with a guy at the Lagos Murtala Mohammed International Airport.

In the viral video, Seun said he chose to confront the man when he was preparing to leave Nigeria because he had threatened to murder him on social media.

Seun insisted that he would not let the man go and would make sure his foreign passport was not checked at the airport.

“Nobody is checking your passport, you have case in this country. You are not going anywhere… You wan go home,” Seun said.

He maintained they wouldn’t leave the airport until they had resolved their disagreement, despite the man’s threats to make some important calls if the saxophonist dared him.

However, someone who was recording the incident on his phone could be heard in the background trying to calm the saxophonist.

Watch the video below.

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