Skyway Bridge Accident Claims Lives Causes Heavy Traffic On Burlington Skyway Bridge – BRB NEWS

Late Wednesday night, a horrific accident occurred on the Sunshine Skyway Bridge. The stolen Mustang driven by an individual identified as Leosvany Arias Roman collided head-on with an Uber. The collision caused the driver and passenger in the car to die instantly.

In a tragic turn of events, the third victim passed away from his injuries overnight, increasing the death toll from this horrific incident. Arias Roman, the driver of the stolen Mustang, was arrested after he crashed a Florida Highway Patrol vehicle on a bridge and crashed into an Uber, killing three people.

The suspect is now facing additional charges for his crimes the evening before the fatal crash. This included stealing the Mustang and evading law enforcement officials.

After the accident, traffic was heavily affected, especially on the Burlington Skyway Bridge. With the southbound lanes of the Sunshine Skyway Bridge closed, motorists are advised to expect delays.

This is not the first incident to occur on the Skyway Bridge. A motorcyclist and a passenger were seriously injured in a crash on the I-275 stretch of the Skyway Bridge when the motorcycle’s rear tire blew out.

The tragic incident on the Skyway Bridge shocked the community. As investigations continue, our thoughts are with the victims’ families at this incredibly difficult time. Meanwhile, drivers are urged to use caution when using the Burlington Skyway Bridge due to heavy traffic following the incident.

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