SNL Hattie Davis Wikipedia Who Is Hattie Davis? What Happened On SNL?

Hattie Davis, a relatively unknown black poet and activist, recently attracted public attention following her appearance on a controversial segment of “Saturday Night Live” (SNL). . During the show’s famous ‘joke swap’ segment hosted by Michael Che and Colin Jost, Davis was invited on stage, leading to a moment that sparked widespread discussion and debate. This article delves into the SNL segment, the reactions it caused, and the broader implications of Davis’ appearance on the show.

The episode in question featured a return to the traditional joke swapping between SNL hosts Michael Che and Colin Jost. However, this iteration took an unexpected turn when Che introduced Hattie Davis to the stage. Davis, sitting next to Jost, was there to react as Jost read the jokes written by Che. The content of these jokes, which became increasingly provocative and racist, placed both Jost and Davis in a delicate position.

One joke in particular involved a comparison between Scarlett Johansson and Coretta Scott King, which caused obvious discomfort for Davis and immediate backlash from viewers. This segment, designed to push boundaries and evoke strong reactions, certainly achieved its goal, but perhaps not in the way the makers had anticipated. Using Davis as a foil to Jost’s discomfort, while intended to be humorous, raised questions about the appropriateness and sensitivity of the jokes being made.

Hattie Davis there?

Despite the buzz on SNL, very little is known about Hattie Davis herself. She was introduced as a black poet and activist, but a search for more information about her yielded little. She does not have a Wikipedia page and her activist or poetic background remains a mystery to the public. This lack of information only adds to the curiosity and speculation about her identity and why she participated in such a controversial SNL segment.

She appeared on Saturday Night Live’s controversial sketch comedy segment known for her unabashed humor, showing her willingness to take on difficult and possibly uncomfortable topics. Unfortunately, without more information about her background and work it’s difficult to fully contextualize her appearance and understand how she reacts to the jokes made during the segment there.

The impact of the joke is controversial

The joke comparing Scarlett Johansson to Coretta Scott King, delivered by Colin Jost but written by Michael Che, was immediately criticized for its lack of tact. Hattie Davis’ reactions, ranging from shock to disapproval, encapsulated the unease many viewers felt. This moment on SNL sparked a long-standing debate about the boundaries of comedy, especially regarding sensitive topics of race and politics.

Critics said such humor would perpetuate harmful stereotypes and dishonor the legacies of important historical figures, causing widespread outrage on social media after this episode. Many people demand more responsible humor that does not trivialize important cultural and racial issues.

The incident also raises questions about the role of guests like Davis in such segments. Was she aware of the nature of the previous pranks? Her reaction seemed sincere, suggesting that she may not have been fully informed about the content. This lack of awareness, if true, raises additional ethical concerns for this segment, highlighting the responsibility of showrunners and writers to ensure their customers feel comfortable and on board. agree with the material presented.


Hattie Davis’s appearance on SNL and the subsequent controversy it caused opened up critical discussions about comedy, race, and the limits of provocative humor. While the segment achieved its goal of being memorable and talked about, it also served as a reminder of the right steps for comedians to take when addressing sensitive topics. For Davis, her sudden thrust into the spotlight, despite the lack of available information about her, underscores how quickly and unpredictably public attention can shift and how much attention can be paid to her. How fleeting and shallow this idea often is. This incident on SNL, while just a moment in a long-running show, left its mark on the ongoing conversation about comedy, culture and respect.

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