South Carolina Teacher Accused of Assaulting Football Player Outside Pizza Hut

reagan anderson

Facebook (Reagan Anderson/Holly Hill Academy) Reagan Anderson

Reagan Anderson is a Holly Hill, South Carolina, teacher who is accused of sexual battery of a high school football player at a local Pizza Hut restaurant’s parking lot.

According to VINE Link, Reagan Mobley Anderson, 27, was hled in the Orangeburg County Detention Center in South Carolina but is now out of custody after having “bonded out.”

Her Facebook page contains this profile description, “Wife | Mama | Jesus.” Her Facebook page describes her as a “3rd Grade Teacher at Holly Hill Academy.”

Anderson is accused of “two counts of sexual battery with a student 16 or 17 years of age, with no aggravated force coercion,” ABC Columbia reported.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. The Boy’s Mother Blasted Reagan Anderson at a Court Hearing, Calling Her a ‘Predator’

reagan anderson

VINE LinkReagan Anderson

According to Fox News, the teenage boy’s mother blasted Anderson at a court hearing, saying, “A trusted coach, teacher and friend that abused our trust and violated her oath as an educator. She has ruined our son’s life.”

She told the judge: “He should be 100% focused on being a fun-loving football-playing young man, but this predator has robbed him of that ability. No young quarterback or athlete is safe in our community if this woman is free.

ABCNews4 ran video of the mother speaking in court to Anderson on its website.

At the bond hearing, the boy’s mother also said Anderson “acted inappropriate with the teen on social media and sent him nude photos,” according to WISC-TV. She was released on bond but ordered to wear a GPS monitor and not contact the boy or his family, the television station reported.

2. A Student Claimed to Have Seen Pictures of Reagan Anderson on the Boy’s Phone, Reports Say

reagan anderson

Faceboook (Reagan Anderson)Reagan Anderson with her family.

According to WISC-TV, the Orangeburg County Sheriff’s Department says they were alerted about “inappropriate contact” between Anderson and the boy, who is a student, on November 8, 2023.

ABC Columbia reported that “the head of the school and the assistant head of the school” contacted authorities after hearing “rumors.”

The television station reported that another “said they have seen pictures of the teacher on the student’s phone.”

3. Reagan Anderson Is Accused of Committing Sexual Battery Against the Teenager in the Parking Lot of a Pizza Hut’

reagan anderson

School headshotReagan Anderson

ABC4 reported that, according to an arrest warrant, “the first alleged sexual battery occurred on Oct. 22 at a residence near the school.”

The television station added: “The second alleged sexual battery occurred on Oct. 28 in the parking lot of a Pizza Hut.”

“As a school community, we strive to always provide a safe and secure learning environment for all of our students,” the letter reads. “We cannot comment on this matter further at this time other than to assure you that we will continue to work with law enforcement and provide the needed support for our students and staff as we deal with this situation,” Holy Hill Academy wrote in a statement posted by ABC4.

4. Reagan Anderson Posted Pictures With Her Husband & Kids on Facebook & Wrote That She Was ‘Passionate About Children’ on Her LinkedIn Page

reagan anderson

LinkedInReagan Anderson

On an old LinkedIn page, Anderson wrote that she was then a teacher at Holy Hill Academy, and continued, “I am currently a stay at home mom looking for some at home opportunities to help support my family and I.”

She added: “I am very passionate about children and love working with all ages.” The page doesn’t list any other work experience.
Anderson had posted on the Holy Hill Academy Facebook page, giving a shout out to a student.

Her Facebook page shows her with her husband Reagan Anderson and their two children. Her cover photo shows her pregnant with her husband and their daughter. The page says she married Ryan Anderson in 2019.

5. Reagan Anderson’s Husband Is a Bank Manager in South Carolina, According to His Facebook Page

reagan anderson

Facebook (Holy Hill Academy)Reagan Anderson

Ryan Anderson’s Facebook profile also shows him with his wife and their kids. His page says he works as a manager at a South Carolina bank.

On November 14, he posted a video of Baptist church services.

He tagged Reagan Anderson in a post about Redbull in late October 2023. His page is full of photos showing him with his wife. One photo shows him with Holy Hill Academy football players because the bank where he works supplied them with Subway sandwiches.

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