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South Central High School in Winterville, NC, is in the spotlight with news of a stabbing. Always update detailed information as authorities investigate. Meanwhile, let’s honor the achievements of the South Central High School basketball team, emphasizing the positive aspects of the school community in addition to the unfortunate incident.

Authorities are investigating a double stabbing that occurred in the parking lot of South Central High School in Winterville, North Carolina during a women’s college basketball game Friday night. The two victims were transported to a local hospital, causing officials to cancel the event.

According to Pitt County Schools spokesman Tom McClellan, police responded to reports of a disturbance and stabbing outside the school gym around 7:45 p.m. as South Central played near J.H. High Rose.

When arriving at the scene at 570 Forlines Street, police discovered two seriously injured victims. A woman and a teenage boy were both stabbed and needed emergency medical attention.\

The Greenville Police Department reports that the male victim is believed to be 18 years old but is still investigating to determine if he is affiliated with either competing school.

Detectives are actively interviewing witnesses to the attack and reviewing security camera footage from the school grounds to assist their investigation. No details have been provided on potential suspects at this time.

Emergency responders transported both victims to ECU Health for emergency treatment for stab wounds. Specific details about their conditions were not released at the time, although the injuries were believed to be serious.

Additional public updates will depend on the condition of injured victims and notification of their families. Authorities continue to search for clues at the crime scene.

Detectives remained at South Central High School continuing the preliminary investigation, while uniformed officers focused on crowd control and maintaining order. Officials caution that this is still an active investigation in its early stages.

The college basketball game was immediately canceled and the school’s parking area was fenced off with crime scene tape to give authorities space to interview witnesses and collect evidence.

Officials are considering additional security precautions for upcoming school sporting events. The public is urged to avoid speculation while the investigation takes place.

The Board of Directors of South Central High School assisted detectives in identifying and contacting parents about the sudden game cancellation and stabbing.

Tom McClellan stated that support services will be provided when classes resume as officials recognize the impact the incident has had on the student community. He commended the responding officers for their quick and decisive response.

Authorities are continuing to process the scene of two victims who were seriously injured in a double stabbing during a basketball match at South Central High School. Detectives are pursuing leads but have provided only limited details due to the sensitivity of the ongoing investigation.

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