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Honor the memory of Spencer Laffin Hamilton through his heartfelt obituary in Ohio. Reflecting on the legacy of Spencer Laffin, celebrating a life well lived. Explore shared tributes and memories, commemorating his impact on those lucky enough to know him. Pay tribute to a beloved individual.”

The Hamilton community is reeling from the brutal murder of 33-year-old Spencer Laffin earlier this week. Spencer, described as a beloved son, brother and father, was tragically killed in what police believe was a targeted shooting on Monday afternoon.

Spencer was shot multiple times in the parking lot at 70 Nebo Street around 5 p.m. Despite emergency efforts, he succumbed to his injuries at the scene. As detectives continue to investigate, they revealed new details during a press conference Tuesday.

According to Homicide Unit Detective Sgt. Sara Beck, the initial confrontation between Spencer and the gunman preceded the fatal shooting outside Satellite Tires – a Nebo Road business owned by the Laffin family. After shooting Spencer, the suspect fled north on Nebo.

Investigators determined the suspect likely came from a black SUV seen in the area earlier. This car is believed to have picked up the shooter after the murder.

Beck revealed that detectives are hunting at least two suspects: 6 Foot 9 black men’s gunmen wearing dark clothes and blue medical masks, along with the driver of a dark -door SUV dark door running Evaporate unknown identity.

As Spencer’s tragic murder echoes throughout Hamilton, his grieving family experiences extreme anguish and disbelief. In a social media post, his brother wrote:

“I can’t believe I’m writing this. I wonder what you are doing or where you have chosen to have your eternal life…I know we all think this is life, who are we on this earth but I believe that this is just a test.”

This huge loss shook Spencer’s relatives and friends to the core. Hamilton mourns together this young father, son and brother, who were clearly loved by many.

Detectives are working around the clock to identify suspects and find an explanation for this deadly ambush. With bright daylight conditions, Beck asked nearby businesses and drivers to check security footage for potential evidence.

Anyone who was near 70 Nebo Road and 100 Nebo Road between 2:30 p.m. and 5:15 p.m. Monday is asked to contact officers with the relevant videos. Even small details regarding a vehicle or person of interest can be instrumental in the investigation.

As our city processes this jarring act of violence, we can honor Spencer Laffin’s memory by helping authorities piece together the full story. By uniting and providing all available information, our Hamilton family can ensure justice is served.

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