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Update on recent stabbings in Adelaide, specifically in Plympton on Lydia Street. Keep up to date with the latest developments and news surrounding the stabbing in Adelaide today, especially in the Plympton area. Prioritize safety and follow official sources for accurate information.

Adelaide residents have been shaken after a horrific random knife attack left one woman dead and another fighting for life on [DATE] afternoon in the suburb of Plympton. Police arrested a 30-year-old man at the scene, who may face murder charges.

The incident happened at around 3.40pm on Lydia Road, Plympton at a local business. According to the initial investigation, the man entered the house holding a knife and hammer before launching a brutal attack without provocation.

“At this stage it is suspected that this was a random attack. There is no information to suggest this is anything other than that,”Detective Chief Inspector Kieran Baggoley said, confirming the alleged victims and suspects did not know each other.

In the brutal attack, a woman in her 30s suffered a fatal stab wound and was pronounced dead at the scene. A second woman in her 40s was also stabbed and was taken to Royal Adelaide Hospital in an extremely critical condition with life-threatening injuries.

Police have recovered the bloody knife and hammer used in the murder, with initial indications that the man may have been wandering around the area for some time and carrying weapons. Police are appealing for any witnesses or owners of nearby CCTV/dashcam cameras to contact them urgently.

The unnamed suspect is known to police from previous inquiries into his criminal history. After initially fleeing the Plympton business following the stabbing, the man was quickly tracked down by police and arrested at the scene without further incident. He is expected to be charged with murder in the coming days.

The randomness and terrifying brutality of the deadly attack has left Adelaide residents reeling, unable to explain this senseless act of violence. The fact that two innocent women could suddenly lose their lives in such a terrible way has raised concerns about community safety, although authorities insist this is an isolated incident and there is no threat. What threat is going on?

However, the tragedy hit close to home for many locals accustomed to the quiet, family nature of the tight-knit Plympton community. Floral tributes and messages of sorrow are being sent to the deceased victim, while residents remain hopeful that the seriously injured survivor can somehow survive such a devastating attack. .

As homicide detectives meticulously piece together the circumstances surrounding the attack, the wider Adelaide community is also struggling to understand how such brutal violence tore apart a once-normal neighborhood. out peacefully in broad daylight. Sadness and confusion will linger long after the initial shock subsides.

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