Stephanie Caputo Liddell Obituary Toronto ON, Death Notice and Service Informatio

Stephanie Caputo Liddell Obituary, Death – Liddell who resided in Holladay, Utah, and was 86 years old at the time of her passing, died away under peaceful and tranquil circumstances on Wednesday, December 6, 2023. Colette was born in Cannonville, Utah, where she was born on the thirteenth of November in the year 1937. She is the ninth of the Johnsons’ eleven children, making her the thirteenth child overall in the Johnson family.

She was a voracious reader who read swiftly and worked in a wide variety of occupations during her entire life. She also had a lot of different jobs. Her ability to quickly acquire new skills was facilitated as a result of this. In light of the numerous achievements she had achieved, her friends and coworkers held her in very high regard. Through her infectious laugh, her infectious grin, and her unbounded zest for life, she became well-known to a large number of people. Her voice always sang in a melodic manner.

In addition to being an accomplished seamstress, she possessed a great deal of audacity in her professional life. Her pastime consisted of making clothes for herself and her three young daughters, and she took great pleasure in doing so. Additionally, she was a skilled quilter who frequently solicited the support of her family members and members of her extended family in order to complete her projects.

To say that Colette was prideful of her pioneer heritage would be an understatement given the circumstances. The woman herself was a trailblazer. She devoted a sizeable portion of her spare time to researching her family genealogy and gaining knowledge about the experiences of pioneers. The stories of the past were brought to life by her fervent interest in looking at old photographs and papers, which she looked at with great enthusiasm. Furthermore, Colette was not only a proud member of the Daughters of the American Revolution and the Daughters of the Utah Pioneers, but she also served on the Board of Directors for both organizations at one point in her life.

Both of these organizations were very important to her. Because of this, she was able to engage in conversations with a huge number of individuals about topics that she was enthusiastic about, and she took great pleasure in making new acquaintances wherever she went. In addition, the lectures were responsible for the identification of relations. Her laughter was infectious, and anytime she was in the room, everyone was aware of her presence because of how infectious her laugh was.

At the time of her passing, her mother and father, together with six brothers and three sisters, had already passed away. Only Karel Robinson, her sister, will remember her. Gary is the only person who will remember her. Additionally, Colette is survived by her childhood sweetheart and husband of 69 years, Edward; three daughters, Janice Farmer (the husband of Royal), Anita Williams (the husband of Steve), and Eydie Liddell (the husband of Richard); one son, Darrin Liddell (the husband of Kelly); twelve grandchildren and seventeen great grandchildren; and a total of seventeen great-great grandchildren. Her family was very important to her, and she felt a great sense of pride pertaining to them. Participating in their activities, observing their smiles, and learning about their day-to-day lives were all things that she found to be enjoyable.

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