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New York and Florida mourn the sudden and heartbreaking passing of Steve Smoker, esteemed lounge owner/manager of The Bronx, who passed away due to complications from pneumonia on March 20, 2015, 53 years old. Steve is known as one of the charismatic figures of New York and Florida nightlife, who regularly showcases the nightlife scene there; thus, made an indelible mark on those around him through his passion, dedication, love for those he worked with as a lounge manager & Outstanding lounge host in the NY/FL nightclub scene! His untimely passing at the age of 53 left a profound impact on the family and friends he touched countless lives through his charismatic presence in nightlife both times. in NY/FL nightlife!

Steve Smoker here:

Steve Smoker grew up in The Bronx of New York. Educated at Immaculate Conception Elementary School and Christopher Columbus High School respectively, these formative years gave Steve the foundation he needed to achieve later success as an individual. with a strong work ethic and charismatic personality – Steve soon made a name for himself in the construction industry as both a bricklayer and a cement worker. foreman, demonstrating his skill and dedication to his job as he served the people of New York City with his dedication.

Steve truly found his calling in nightlife and hospitality, where he became a fixture on the lounge scene in New York as well as Florida. From BullCreek on Long Island to the vibrant nightclubs of Boca – from BullCreek on Long Island to the vibrant venues of Boca – Steve has left an indelible mark on hospitality as co-owner of Hush Lounge as co-owning and playing a key role in esteemed establishments like the Manhattan Havana Night Cigar Bar like his beloved 131 East Lounge, which has become synonymous with hospitality over time.

Steve is more than just the owner and manager of the lounge; he is a well-rounded personality, often mixing, managing or serving as needed. His impressive ability to balance multiple tasks with grace has made him a respected member of the nightlife scene; Those fortunate enough to have known Steve remember his legacy fondly with laughter, warmth and genuine camaraderie.

What happened to Steve Smoker:

On March 20, 2015, Steve’s life came to a sudden, untimely end due to complications from pneumonia – a disease that often spreads quickly without warning and leaves those closest to him in shock. , stunned by the suddenness and impact on their lives. Steve leaves behind family, friends and a vibrant presence who will continue to be loved in our community through memories like the vibrant presence he brought every day in life.

Pneumonia, an acute respiratory illness, can be extremely difficult to overcome when complications arise. Even with the advances and medical advances since Steve’s battle with it began, its severity is still exacerbated by existing health conditions or a weakened immune system. weakened by age or illness. His battle against pneumonia opened his eyes to the fragility of life and the challenges associated with health.

Steve became an influential member of communities throughout New York and Florida through both work and personal interactions, touching many lives along the way. His death didn’t just come from an absent community member; rather it symbolizes not only friendship but also the loss of a priceless family member.

Steve Smoker’s Legacy:

Steve Smoker leaves behind a special legacy filled with beautiful memories of a man who lived with passion and purpose. Admired as a “true gentleman,” “big teddy bear,” “gentle giant,” and “brave lad,” Steve was a beloved figure in his community, and brought to warmth, strength, friendship and strength. His warm personality combined with his ability to connect personally made Steve an indelible presence in so many lives – many have found comfort in knowing his legacy will lasts forever!

Steve has had a strong impact beyond waiting room management; His loss leaves an irreplaceable void in the lives of those close to him; including Jamie from Boca, FL and Zachary and Olivia in Rome, NY. In addition, his absence was greatly felt by aunt Norma Romano, uncle Vinny Capozzi, cousins ​​Cheri Jones and Michelle Capozzi as well as nieces and nephews.

On April 1, members of Steve’s community came together to remember and commemorate his life at Babione’s Funeral Home with a service held to pay their final respects at Babione’s. Their gratitude was expressed through the establishment of a GoFundMe account to assist his family with service costs; another sign of respect that shows how deeply Steve holds a place in society.


Steve Smoker lived a life of dedication, warmth, and an unyielding commitment to spreading joy through music and storytelling. His death left an indelible mark on the hearts of those he touched – fathers, sons, brothers, friends; all remember Steve not only for what he achieved but also as someone whose extraordinary life was a testament to the kindness, resilience and lasting impact that can have on those around him. around us. Our communities in both New York and Florida remember him fondly not only for his many accomplishments but also as an outstanding individual who left an impression that had a positive impact. irresistible to many people regardless of their age – Steve will live forever as an inspirational figure to many!

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