Tay Waltenbaugh Obituary Greensburg PA What Happened to Tay Waltenbaugh?

Tay Waltenbaugh, a respected community leader and advocate, passed away on December 17, 2023 at the age of 69, leaving a void that Jeannette will feel deeply. Born 9/9/54 at Fort Benning Georgia, he devoted his life to enriching Jeannette and the surrounding area through many volunteer initiatives, leaving an indelible mark. Born in the South himself, Tay devoted himself to Jeannette as a whole and left an incalculable footprint that can never be erased by those who touched him or were influenced by his work. him – his recent passing has left Jeannette with deeper wounds than ever.

Who is Tay Waltenbaugh?

Tay Waltenbaugh grew up in an environment that shaped his values ​​and aspirations. Early life in Georgia instilled in Tay a strong sense of community and the value of service, setting him on his incredible journey. After earning a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Sociology from Juniata College, Tay embarked on a career that would impact and empower countless individuals. His role as former Executive Director of Westmoreland Community Action demonstrates his leadership and vision, especially evident through his significant involvement in the South Sixth Street Revitalization project and the Partnership Program. Neighborhood Partnership (NPP). These initiatives not only improved Jeannette’s physical landscape but also strengthened its community spirit.

On a peaceful December evening, surrounded by his loving family, Tay Waltenbaugh passed away at his home in New Stanton. This moment marked the end of a life marked by profound impacts but still based on simplicity and love, leaving not only his family but all members of the community to mourn his passing. your departure. His passing leaves behind transformative work that exemplifies true community leadership.

Tay Waltenbaugh’s career achievements

Leading Westmoreland Community Action for nearly three decades, Tay was a beacon of hope for many. Under his direction, the organization experienced unprecedented expansion in funding, services, programs and staff. His dedication to fighting poverty and helping the less fortunate has earned him widespread respect and admiration from throughout the community. Tay’s vision was realized by the tangible improvements he brought to downtown Jeannette, including the construction of the Amphitheater, a symbol of community unity and progress.

Honor and recognition

Tay Waltenbaugh’s efforts did not go unnoticed. He has received many awards for his work, including the Mary Riegler-Chislaughi Friend of the Poor Award from the Pittsburgh Community Food Bank and recognition from the Greensburg/Jeannette NAACP. His receipt of Seton Hill University’s Outstanding Entrepreneur Award and the Top 100 in Central Pennsylvania and Beyond award underscore his influence. Tay’s service went beyond his professional role as he actively participated in volunteer work, further enhancing his impact.

Personal life and interests

Tay is known as an advocate of love, dedication, and a close connection with nature; However behind his public persona was an avid family man and outdoor enthusiast who will be greatly missed by his wife Brenda, their three children, grandchildren and in-laws , Brenda. Tay’s passions include hunting, fishing and outdoor activities such as golf; These passions paralleled family gatherings where his cheerful presence brought joy and enjoyment to everyone involved. Tay’s home life reflects the same principles he has publicly advocated: dedication in love and connection.

Final farewell

The community is preparing to say goodbye to this outstanding individual. Visitation and funeral are planned at LEO M. BACHA FUNeral HOME, INC., Greensburg. However, his life will be honored not only in these ceremonies but also in a planned celebration of life event. These gatherings will not only mourn his loss but also commemorate the extraordinary life he led.

Tay Waltenbaugh’s lasting influence

Tay’s influence stretches from Jeannette to Greensburg, PA and beyond, reflecting his unwavering commitment to community development and respect for all people. His work in Greensburg reflects his dedication to Jeannette, demonstrating his deep-seated values ​​and unwavering commitment to enhancing community life.

Heritage and inspiration

Tay Waltenbaugh’s legacy is immortalized in the hearts of those he served and the landscapes he helped transform. His life, marked by tireless community-enhancing efforts and personal dedication to family and nature, remains an inspiration. Tay is a shining example of the impact an individual can have in any community.

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