The worst hairstyles at the Oscars, never do this blunder

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This is a cutly bob haircut with curly layers. Curly bob haircuts are fascinating because predicting shinkage arond the sides is totally different than predicting shrinkage in the back. How did I learn all of this? The HARD way. I messed up and thought, “Well, I’ll never make that mistake again!” This was a wet haircut washed and styled with Unite Hair care Boing Curly hair system from beginning to end. #mcallensalon#rgvsalon#rgvstylist#mcallenstylist#curlyhair#curlycut#curlysalon#curlscheck#curlspecialist#curly#curlyhairstyles#curlybob#curlylayeredhair#layeredcurls#layeredcurlyhair#shortcurlycutshoulderlengthhair@@UNITE Hair

♬ AROUND – Kylie Diehl:Carl Thomson

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