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When it comes to sharing personal aspects of your life online, be prepared for some backlash. Brandon and Meagan Deal, known as the @deal_family on TikTok and The Deal Family on YouTube, have gained a large following for their relatable parenting videos. However, one topic that has sparked controversy is their co-sleeping arrangement with their two daughters. In a recent TikTok video, Richard Deal, Meagan’s husband, explained the logistics of their sleeping situation, which includes a king-sized bed for the parents, a twin-sized bed for one daughter, and the possibility of adding another twin-sized bed in the future. While some viewers expressed concern about separation anxiety and the couple’s sex life, many others shared their own experiences and supported the Deal family’s choice.

The Deal Family’s Co-Sleeping Arrangement


Discover the unique co-sleeping arrangement of the Deal family and how they navigate the challenges and joys of sharing a bed with their children. With millions of followers on TikTok and YouTube, the Deal family has become known for their relatable parenting videos that shed light on their unconventional sleeping habits. Let’s delve into the details of their co-sleeping routine and explore the insights they’ve gained along the way.

Background of the Deal Family

Meet Brandon and Meagan Deal, proud parents from Dothan, Ala., who have captured the hearts of their online community. Alongside their two daughters, McKenzi and Sarah Grace, the Deals have opened up about their experiences as parents, including the heartbreaking loss of their son, James Mitchell, who was tragically stillborn. Their authenticity and humor have resonated with over two million TikTok followers and 300 thousand subscribers on YouTube.

One aspect of their family life that the Deals have fearlessly shared with their followers is their co-sleeping arrangement. Despite facing criticism and skepticism, they have remained steadfast in their decision to sleep together as a family. This topic has sparked countless discussions on their social media platforms, with both supporters and detractors voicing their opinions. Now, let’s take a closer look at how the Deals navigate their co-sleeping routine and address the misconceptions surrounding it.

Logistics of the Co-Sleeping Arrangement

Explanation of the Sleeping Positions

Curious about how the Deal family manages their co-sleeping arrangement? Let’s dive into the logistics and discover how each family member finds their spot in the bed. Richard Deal, in a TikTok video, walks us through their sleeping positions. As he enters the bedroom, he clarifies that contrary to popular belief, they don’t all pile up on one bed. Richard points to the far right side of the king bed, indicating that it’s his sleeping spot. Meagan, his wife, occupies the middle, while their youngest daughter, Sarah Grace, snuggles up on the far left side. To everyone’s surprise, Richard pans the camera to reveal a twin-size bed lying horizontally at the foot of their king bed. This is where their eldest daughter, McKenzi, sleeps. But why does she choose to sleep there? We’ll find out shortly.

Separate Bed for McKenzi

McKenzi, who is now 12 years old, used to sleep in the same bed as her parents and younger sister, Sarah Grace. However, as she grew older, she made the transition to her own twin-size bed that borders their king bed. In a heartwarming TikTok video filmed in 2021, McKenzi’s parents show viewers her separate room. But after attempting to sleep there, McKenzi expresses her unease and quickly returns to her parents’ room, seeking comfort and security. It’s clear that McKenzi values the closeness and safety of sleeping alongside her family. As she continues to grow, Richard acknowledges that she may eventually outgrow her current sleeping arrangement and desire a different bed, but still within the same room. The Deals remain open to adapting their co-sleeping routine as their children’s needs evolve, ensuring that everyone feels safe and supported.

Future Considerations

Potential Changes as Sarah Grace Gets Older

As the Deal family continues their co-sleeping journey, they anticipate potential changes in their arrangement as their youngest daughter, Sarah Grace, grows older. Richard acknowledges that there may come a time when Sarah Grace becomes too big for her current sleeping spot and expresses a desire to sleep in a different bed. However, the Deals approach this potential transition with an open mind and a willingness to adapt. They understand that each child’s needs and preferences may evolve over time, and they are committed to finding a solution that ensures everyone’s comfort and security. Whether it involves adding another twin-size bed to the room or exploring alternative sleeping arrangements, the Deals are prepared to navigate these changes as they arise.

Comments and Reactions from Viewers

The Deal family’s co-sleeping arrangement has sparked a range of reactions from their online community. In the comment section of Richard’s TikTok video, viewers shared their thoughts and experiences. While some expressed concerns about potential separation anxiety or the impact on the parents’ intimacy, the majority of comments were supportive of the Deals’ choice. Many viewers shared their own experiences of co-sleeping with their children, highlighting the sense of safety and closeness it brought to their families. One user even mentioned that co-sleeping in a king-sized bed with twin mattresses on the floor had become a cherished tradition for their family. It’s evident that the Deals’ openness and transparency have fostered a sense of connection and understanding among their followers, creating a community where different parenting choices are respected and celebrated.

Similar Co-Sleeping Experiences Shared by Others

Positive Feedback and Approval

The Deal family’s co-sleeping arrangement has resonated with many individuals who have shared their own positive experiences and offered their support. In the comment section of Richard’s TikTok video, numerous viewers expressed their approval and admiration for the Deals’ choice. One person mentioned that they, too, were a co-sleeping family until their children reached the ages of 9 and 12, emphasizing that it was a normal practice in their Southern culture. This sentiment was echoed by Richard himself, who referred to their co-sleeping routine as “Southern parenting” in an interview with Insider. The overwhelming positivity and understanding from viewers demonstrate that co-sleeping is a personal decision that can foster a sense of safety and closeness within a family.

Personal Stories and Perspectives

The comment section also became a space for individuals to share their own personal stories and perspectives on co-sleeping. One mother revealed that her children co-slept with her and her husband when they were younger, and even now, her 36-year-old daughter occasionally sleeps with her father. Another mother shared that her children had a mix of co-sleeping and independent sleeping experiences during their childhood, and it did not cause any separation anxiety when they eventually went off to college. These stories highlight the diverse ways in which families navigate their sleeping arrangements and emphasize that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to parenting. The Deals’ openness about their co-sleeping journey has created a space for others to share their own experiences, fostering a sense of community and understanding among parents who have made similar choices.

In conclusion, Brandon and Meagan Deal, popular social media influencers, have been open about their co-sleeping arrangement with their two daughters. While they have received criticism from some, many others have expressed support and shared their own experiences with co-sleeping. The Deal family’s unique sleeping arrangement, with a king bed for the parents, a twin bed for one daughter, and the possibility of adding another twin bed in the future, has sparked discussion and curiosity among their followers. Ultimately, the decision to co-sleep is a personal one, and the Deal family is navigating it in a way that works for them.

However, as their children grow older, there may be challenges and adjustments to be made. The comments section of their social media posts reflects a range of opinions, from concerns about separation anxiety to inquiries about their sex life. Despite the differing views, the majority of commenters seem to support the Deal family’s co-sleeping arrangement and even share their own similar experiences.

Overall, the Deal family’s openness about their co-sleeping journey has sparked a conversation about parenting practices and the diversity of family dynamics. It serves as a reminder that what happens in one’s home is ultimately their own business, but sharing it online invites both support and criticism. The Deal family’s story prompts us to reflect on our own parenting choices and the importance of respecting others’ decisions, even if they differ from our own.

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