This 6-Year-Old’s Adorable Reaction To Getting A Puppy Is All What You Need To Watch Today

  • By Poorva Karki
  • Published: Mon, 20 Nov 2023 01:39 PM (IST)
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Viral Video: Creating a core memory for her 6-year-old son, a woman gifted an adorable puppy to her kid on his birthday. A video of the same was shared on social media, which instantly went viral. What caught the most attention was the 6-year-old’s wholesome reaction after he found out that his birthday gift was a new furry friend. After rushing to pick up the tiny one in his lap, the young boy began to hug the pup. The video became a thousand times more beautiful after the boy became emotional as happy tears rolled down his cheeks while the two new friends embraced each other. 

The post was shared on the social media site Instagram, by the handle ‘Pubity’. The post was captioned, “The happy tears.” The video’s description read, “Surprising my son with a puppy on his 6th birthday.”

Watch the viral video: 

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The video went viral on the internet for more reasons than one. While most people loved the little surprise and fell in love with the kid’s reaction, some others expressed their concerns over the parents packing up the puppy as if it was a ‘toy’. Many also urged others to stop the practice of packing pets in plastic or other congested boxes. The video was shared yesterday and garnered 495K views. 

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Taking to the comment box, people shared their reactions. “In a box and covered by paper, that’s so messed up,” a user said. “This is cute but the dog inside the box with no airflow is kinda messed up actually,” added a second person. “Jesus Christ why are people acting like this puppy was vacuum sealed and stuffed in the box for 6 hours like chill out,” added a next. “Kiddo is having one of the best memories of his life,” said a fourth user. “He’s crying because he’s been writing essays to his parents every day for two years titled- why I deserve a dog,” added a next.

“Both of them just gained a new best friend,” said a sixth user. “Sweet but I wish people would stop ‘packaging’ live animals up,” added another. 

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