This Is The Most Common Password For 2023; Is It Yours Too?

  • By Poorva Karki
  • Published: Fri, 17 Nov 2023 11:57 AM (IST)
  • Source:JND

Despite them being one of the most vital forms of cyber security, many social media users don’t think much when it comes to choosing a strong password. From going for something easy to remember to choosing a single password for every account, people often end up taking the easy way out, despite the risks involved. To further prove the point correct, NordPass recently released a list of the most commonly used passwords in 2023, which took social media by storm as most people found themselves using the ‘easy’ passwords for their accounts on multiple platforms. According to the report, the most commonly used password in 2023 was ‘123456’ with ‘4,524,867’ counts, where it would reportedly take a ‘second’ for hackers to crack it. 

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The next most commonly used password on the list was ‘admin’ with ‘4,008,850’ counts, followed by ‘12345678’ with ‘1,371,152’ counts. Meanwhile, with ‘1,213,047’ and ‘969,811’ counts, the fourth and fifth most common passwords were ‘123456789 and ‘1234’ respectively. With the list out, most people were left shocked, while others took it as a lesson to rethink their passwords. 

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Meanwhile, with people choosing easy passwords and the internet witnessing an increase in the number of hackers, cyber crimes, and malware attacks, many have started recommending the use of passkeys. Passkeys are a ‘digital credential’, which is a type of ‘passwordless authentication’. Calling passkeys the future of cyber security, FIDO Alliance Executive director and CMO Andrew Shikiar said that passwords are ‘long past their expiration date’. “NordPass’ research is yet another example of how passwords are long past their expiration date– users continue to depend on incredibly weak passwords,” he was quoted as saying in the NordPass report. 

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