Tommy Giodone Obituary Pueblo Colorado, Lifetime Puebloan and respected businessman has died,

Tommy Giodone Obituary, Death – By the time he passed away on December 20, 2023, Tommy Lee Giodone, who had been a Puebloan throughout his entire life and had been born on August 13, 1943, had celebrated his entire life. He was a respected businessman who had lived his entire life in Pueblo. His parents, Tom and Salena, as well as his sister Anna, his son Tommy G, his son-in-law Young Brown, and his parents all passed away before he did. His parents were also preceded in death by his sister Anna.

Anna Marie, his devoted wife of 61 years, his daughter Denise (Cary), his sister-in-law Paula Dionisio, his grand dogs Gus, Katie, and Kelly, a large number of nieces, nephews, and cousins, and friends with whom he enjoyed spending time, including David Spinuzzi, Joey Ciruli, Joey Granato, Charlie Montera, and Kevin Baker, are among those who are left behind after Tom’s passing. Giodone’s Italian Bar and Grill, which was founded by Tom’s father in 1939, has been successfully managed by Tom and Anne Marie for the entirety of their 84 years in business. Tom’s father was the one who initially opened the establishment.

For the purpose of delivering their mouthwatering food to the people who were attending the Colorado State Fair, which was the one thing that Tommy was truly passionate about and was an essential component of his life, he built a mobile kitchen. Gambling, going to catering conventions, and cooking events were all activities that he enjoyed doing. These activities were also enjoyable for him. On a regular basis, he traveled to cripple Creek and Las Vegas, which is also referred to as the city of lights. The Country Music Awards extended an invitation to them to attend as guests, and they also attended the Professional Bull Riders (PBR) shows in addition to the Country Music Awards.

Giodone’s Restaurant has been providing delicious food and a warm smile to members of the Pueblo community for many years. When it comes to providing this service to those who come to eat there, Tommy and Anna Marie have spent decades working together to accomplish this goal. Over the course of his life, Tom accomplished a number of other things, including the dedication of the Tom L. and Anna Marie Giodone, Mesa Library Branch and the influence that he had on the Colorado State Fair. These are just two examples of the many accomplishments that Tom accomplished.

The moment he learned that he had been awarded the title of honorary colonel for the Colorado State Patrol was one of the moments that made him feel the most proud of himself. In addition, he and Anna Marie were distinguished by being given the title of Grand Marshall for the parade that will be held at the Colorado State Fair in 2023. People will remember Tom for a very long time because of the profound affection he had for both his family and the sport of baseball. He will be sorely missed by everyone in the Pueblo community, including his family, friends, and neighbors, and they will continue to love him for the rest of eternity.

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