Tragic death of missing woman Shandon Floyd in Richland County under investigation

The story of Shandon Floyd, a woman whose disappearance last week has now turned into a tragic death, is being investigated by the Richland County Sheriff’s Department. Late on Tuesday night, Floyd was found lifeless in the northeastern Richland County area of the 10000 block of Two Notch Road. Floyd was reported missing by a friend on November 9. As per the friend’s account, Floyd borrowed his car at around three in the morning and did not come back until seven fifteen in the evening. The incident report from the sheriff’s office reveals that Floyd and her friend, both originally from Florence, were staying at the Roadway Inn at 31 Berkshire Drive during their time in Columbia.

A sense of concern arose when every attempt to reach Floyd through phone calls ended in voicemail, thus blocking any direct communication with her. The initial examination of Floyd’s body didn’t reveal any signs of foul play. To ascertain the cause of her untimely death, a comprehensive autopsy will be conducted by the Richland County Coroner’s Office. It is anticipated that the autopsy findings will provide more clarity on the circumstances leading to Shandon Floyd’s death. The authorities are continually investigating the case with an unwavering commitment to uncover the truth behind Floyd’s premature demise.

Amecil Floyd, Shandon’s mother, had been pleading for help to find her daughter, last seen on November 8. Tearfully, she stated, “I just want my baby home. I’ve been pleading with someone since Wednesday, please help me find my baby.” She expressed her concern that the case is not moving swiftly because her daughter is transgender and due to her sexual orientation. Family members shared that Shandon was staying with friends at the Rodeway Inn motel on Berkshire Drive, while visiting Columbia from Mullins.

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