TV presenter Hellen Muthoni involved in accident, fans express concern

The internet is buzzing with recent news of an incident involving Hellen Muthoni, a renowned TV presenter and gospel singer from Kenya. Known for her inspirational presence on the Inooro show Rurumeke, Muthoni has a significant fan following who are concerned about her wellbeing.

Muthoni, who initially pursued acting with various production companies, has been anchoring the gospel show for seven years. She announced her departure from the show on September 12, 2023. Her accident is currently a highly searched topic online, with many eager for updates on her condition.

Previous records suggest Muthoni has been involved in accidents before. In 2021, an online portal reported an accident in which Muthoni was involved on Thika Rd. Fortunately, she escaped any major injuries. According to Muthoni, a lorry had hit her car and fled the scene. Despite the incident, Muthoni is currently doing well, as per the details available in the media.

Muthoni, who enjoys a following of over 188k on Instagram under the username @hellen_msoo, has been active online. However, she has not shared any recent updates regarding her accident, leaving her followers with many questions.

Born in 1989, Muthoni was raised alongside her three siblings. Her family faced a tragic loss when their father was killed in the August 1998 bomb blast. Despite the adversity, Muthoni has maintained strong ties with her family members.

Regarding her education, Muthoni attended Matimbei Primary School, followed by a school in Limuru. Her brother-in-law, a doctor, later helped finance her education at St. Luke’s High School.

Muthoni’s career extends beyond television. She is also a successful gospel singer and has acknowledged Paul Mwai and James Wanyoike as her mentors in her musical journey. One of her notable songs, ‘Ndimugure’ (meaning ‘I am redeemed’), is a collaboration with artist Mercy Masika.

In conclusion, while the recent accident involving Hellen Muthoni has raised concerns among her fans, the presenter and singer is reportedly doing well now. Her resilience and strength are noteworthy, and her contributions to both the television and music industry continue to inspire many.

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