walt mcgrory obituary wisconsin and Discover the legacy of Walt McGrory the basketball enthusiast from Wisconsin through his heartfelt obituary

Explore the legacy of Wisconsin basketball enthusiast Walt McGrory through his heartfelt obituary. Reflecting on his contributions to sport and the community. Find obituary details for Walt McGrory of Burlington, Wisconsin and consider supporting any related GoFundMe efforts. Honor the memory of Walt McGrory through this tribute in Burlington, Wisconsin.

Former Wisconsin Badgers guard Walt McGrory has passed away at the age of 25 after a battle with osteosarcoma, a form of bone cancer. McGrory, a native of Edina, Minnesota, joined the Badgers basketball team in 2017 and played four seasons before being diagnosed with cancer before his fifth year.

Despite multiple surgeries and chemotherapy, doctors were unable to stop the cancer from spreading. His leg was partially amputated earlier this year when a tumor kept returning, but by then the cancer had spread to his lungs.

McGrory approached her battle with cancer with determination and fierce optimism. After his initial diagnosis in August 2021, he underwent amputation surgery to try to save his leg. When chemotherapy failed to completely remove the tumor, his leg was finally amputated in April 2023. Still, McGrory remains optimistic:

“There are lonely days and dark nights of the soul. But I have never been more optimistic than I am now. There is a cure out there,” he wrote. “I have been knocked down countless times, but I will keep getting up until I find it. This disease has taken away many things from me, but it will never take away my strong will.”

As the cancer continued to spread after conventional treatments failed, McGrory and his family launched a GoFundMe campaign to pay for experimental therapies not covered by insurance. He explained:

“I went through all the known treatment regimens for bone cancer. None of these options helped me. At this time, the only treatment insurance will cover are clinical trials…anything we try now is experimental.”

The fundraiser generated more than $136,000, helping McGrory access promising new cancer treatments around the world. Although experimental regimens ultimately failed to save him, he was determined to keep trying:

“Words cannot express my gratitude and appreciation for your willingness to help my family and me in our quest for a cure. Your kindness and love have given me the strength I need to win this fight no matter how many rounds it takes.”

Walt McGrory leaves behind an inspiring legacy of altruism, perseverance, and boundless hope. When he entered Wisconsin, he demonstrated the value of hard work and earned his spot. When suffering from a serious illness, he fought tirelessly and courageously until the last moment.

Although bone cancer tragically took his life too soon, McGrory’s unwavering faith and optimism in the face of lasting hardship will remain engraved in hearts and minds. of all those affected by his journey. His light will shine through the indelible impact he made as a Badger student-athlete, beloved friend and extraordinary young man.

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