Wayne Berntsen, Died At 64 – Obituary Funeral Information

Wayne’s life was defined by the profound connections he cultivated. He was the beloved husband of Tami Berntsen, a partnership built on shared moments, unwavering support, and enduring love. Their bond stood as a testament to commitment and companionship through life’s joys and challenges.

His children, Jamie (Keith) Tjaden, Chad (Staci) Berntsen, Kyle Berntsen, and Keith Berntsen, were the pride and joy of his existence. Wayne’s guidance, wisdom, and unwavering love shaped the paths of his children, imparting values that will echo through generations.

The Berntsen family extended beyond his immediate household, encompassing a beautiful array of grandchildren and a great-grandchild. Wayne adored and cherished each of them—TJ, Kyndall, Noah, Talen, Zayne, Eli, Blake, Tenley, Amelia, Jordy, and great-grandchild Bella. His legacy thrives within these young souls, leaving an imprint of love, kindness, and warmth that will forever endure.

Wayne was preceded in death by his mother, Gloria F. Berntsen, and is survived by his father, Donald A. Berntsen, and siblings: Barbara (Aaron) Ashel, Matt (Jane) Berntsen, Robin (Jim) Dixon, Brandy (Michelle) Berntsen, Lyle (Vickie) Berntsen, Bruce (Lisa) Berntsen, and Andrew (Jamie) Berntsen. Their bond was a source of strength and camaraderie, a testament to the power of family ties.

A visitation to honor Wayne’s life took place on Thursday, December 28, 2023, at Webb~Shinkle Mortuary Chapel. The atmosphere was filled with shared memories and comforting embraces, providing solace during this time of mourning. Family and friends gathered from noon to 7PM, with a special family presence from 5:30 to 7PM, commemorating Wayne’s impact on their lives.

The funeral service, held on Friday, December 29, 2023, at Clearwater United Methodist Church, was a tribute befitting a life lived with purpose and love. The community came together to celebrate Wayne’s journey, sharing stories of his kindness and generosity.

In honor of Wayne’s memory, the family requested that donations be made to the Clearwater Recreation Commission. This act of generosity echoed Wayne’s spirit of giving back to the community that held a special place in his heart.

Though Wayne Berntsen may have bid farewell to this earthly existence, his spirit continues to resonate through the lives he touched. His legacy of love, compassion, and dedication lives on in the hearts of those who had the privilege of knowing him. As his loved ones gather to remember him, Wayne’s memory remains a beacon of light, guiding them through the cherished moments they shared together.

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